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RIMOC GmbHposted an update4 days ago
Work Organization Do you sometimes have the feeling that you're overwhelmed with work and don't know where to start? And that is why you are unfocused and unmotivated? Then you might be interested in some tips on organizing your work: Work organization includes self-organization as well as time planning. There are many techniques for planning and self-organization. Guiding principle: Organize one's own time and work with time and self-management so that these resources can be used sensibly a...
RIMOC GmbHposted an update23 May
Work priorities : ‘work to live or live to work’ Did you know, when it comes to work culture the world is divided into two societies where some societies believe you live to work, and the other believe, you work to live. A lot has been discussed and studied regarding both these lifestyles, and several scholars claimed that there is no hard and fast rule as to which one is more beneficial, it mainly depends on the individual and how much input they are prepared to put into their work. Regardl...
RIMOC GmbHposted an update9 May
Project Management Checklist All of us have work to get done. When goals become challenging in complex or new environments, time and resources are limited, you face an increasingly overwhelming number of tasks with seemingly unmanageable dependencies – you are in the center of your next exciting project. But of course, as you know, you are not alone and we are here to help. For the challenging work far from routine a structured approach can help to get you started and break down the unreachabl...

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Successfully delivering answers for 20+ years in enterprise consulting based on a distinctive background in information management and technology, RIMOC consultants continue to help IT executives in domestic and international companies increase profitability through customized solutions, create better processes and bridge the...

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