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RM Group
RM Groupposted an update14 June 2023
On June 18, we protect what is important to us! Namely, we vote on the Climate Protection Act. This vote is very close to us 💙 Please vote YES to the Climate Protection Act now! Because the best time to act was 30 years ago. And the second best is NOW. Thank you for your vote.
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RM Group
RM Groupposted an update23 May 2023
Celebrating Diversity Day 2023, organized by Charta der Vielfalt e.V.! 🎉✨ Join us in embracing the beauty of differences and fostering inclusivity. As a recruiting agency, we're committed to promoting diversity in all its forms. Let's wave the flag of diversity high and proud! 🚩🌍 #DDT23 #FlaggeFürVielfalt #EmbraceDifferences #InclusionMatters #RMGroup
RM Group
RM Groupposted an update19 May 2023
📢 We're excited to announce that RM Group has a new home in Berlin Mitte! Our new office is smaller, but better suited to our current needs as many of our employees continue to work from home. This move allows us to be more resource-efficient ♻️ and reduce our environmental impact. 🌱 We're also thrilled to be located right on Alexanderplatz, with great amenities and easy access to public transportation. We can't wait to see what the future holds for RM Group in our new location! #RMGroup...
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RM Group - IT, Pharma und Finance Jobs in der Schweiz. Die RM Group ist einer der führenden Personaldienstleister in der Schweiz. Neben der Vermittlung von hochqualifiziertem Personal im Contractor Business besetzen wir auch permanente Positionen. Damit eine erfolgreiche Integration der Mitarbeiter in die Unternehmen erfolgt,...

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