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RUGGED MONITORINGposted an update2 days ago
For power distribution companies, transformers stand as silent sentinels, powering our lives and industries. Yet, their silent service comes with a challenge – the need for vigilant monitoring to prevent failures, ensure safety, and extend operational life.​ Enter the future with Rugged Monitoring's state-of-the-art Transformer Condition Monitoring solutions. Our innovative, temperature monitoring technology delivers precision without compromise, providing real-time health insights that drive p...
RUGGED MONITORINGposted an update5 days ago
Rugged Monitoring’s microwave temperature monitoring solution offers unparalleled accuracy in temperature assessment, employing a non-contact method that ensures rapid and reliable data acquisition.​ The technical superiority of microwave temperature monitoring lies in its ability to deliver instantaneous temperature readings from a distance, without physical interference. ​It represents a significant leap forward in critical applications across various sectors, including pharmaceuticals, food ...
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RUGGED MONITORINGposted an update15 May
In the complex world of electrical systems, reliability, and safety are paramount. That's where Partial Discharge (PD) monitoring comes into play, especially for switchgears. PD monitoring is not just a preventative measure; it's a critical tool for maintaining the health of your electrical infrastructure. From enhancing safety to increasing reliability and driving cost savings, the benefits are clear. Our cutting-edge solutions are designed for precision, ensuring your switchgear operates at it...

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RUGGED MONITORING: Core Values We offer a wide range of rugged fiber optic sensors and monitoring solutions for diverse applications. Mission: Leading provider in fiber optic based temperature sensing solutions dedicated to offering the best in class reliability & service. Vision: Be first in mind and choice for customers by...

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