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Schütte & Bünemann GmbH & Co. KG
Schütte & Bünemann GmbH & Co. KGposted this article15 April 2020
On this day 60 years ago, Carl-Richard Bünemann started working in the company. Since then, he has been not only the leader of the business but the heart of it ❤️. Today we do not only celebrate a number, we celebrate the dedication, commitment and perseverance of a man who, regardless of adversity, has fought to keep his legacy afloat. An example of life. Kudos to Carlos!
Schütte & Bünemann GmbH & Co. KG
Schütte & Bünemann GmbH & Co. KGposted this article7 June 2017
Incoterms are important rules for international trade that we stick to. They define the rights and duties of both the buyers and sellers and have been set up by the International Chamber of Commerce. By using these rules we make it possible to determine the costs and risks for each party. Incoterms are known to be the daily language of trade. On our webseite you can find some more detailed information about Incoterms, have a look!

Ihr Dienstleister im internationalen Handel

Unser internationales Handelshaus Schütte & Bünemann wurde im Jahr 1891 in Bremen gegründet. Heute repräsentieren wir ein modernes Familienunternehmen mit einer über hundertjährigen Tradition und weltweiten Kontakten.

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