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SeeReal Technologies GmbH


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SeeReal Technologies GmbH
SeeReal Technologies GmbHposted an update11 March 2021
SeeReal participates in an EU-funded project called CHARITY SeeReal Technologies is member of the consortium and will provide the holographic assistant use case, adopting the physical principles „diffraction and interference of light“ to enable real 3D holography, based on very sophisticated custom optical components and algorithms. This lays the foundation for showing a butler-like avatar in 3D space on a holographic 3D display with true depth and true eye focus – for your eyes it is like natu...
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SeeReal Technologies GmbH
SeeReal Technologies GmbHposted an update11 March 2021
SeeReal initiated, together with partners, an EU-funded project called REALHOLO The merging of real and virtual worlds to produce mixed reality (MR) environments is becoming a realistic component of future society. The effective use of MR demands a natural visual experience without physiological side effects for the user. REALHOLO is a project developed to meet these needs by researching advanced micro-mirror-based piston-type spatial light modulator (SLM) modulating the phase of visible light ...
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SeeReal Technologies is a world leader in real-time holographic 3D (H3D) display technology. With a team of highly experienced experts SeeReal designs and develops next generation H3D display technology for any platform from mobile to TV and projection in HMD and HUD. H3D products will be licensed and integrated together with...

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