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Sieber GmbH
Sieber GmbHposted an update15 December 2023
Exploring Corporate Culture with Daniel Sieber: Insights from the iba Forum for Workspaces of Tomorrow. Dive into an exclusive interview featuring our Chief, Daniel Sieber, as he shares the intricacies of crafting the ideal stage for corporate culture through innovative office concepts. Daniel sheds light on our team's approach to creating spatial concepts that breathe life into the identity and culture of companies. Drawing from our journey with NEW WORK SE, he illustrates how spaces can resona...
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Sieber GmbH
Sieber GmbHposted an update17 November 2023
Excellent News: Handelsblatt Mindshift Award for our client! We are pleased and extremely proud to announce that the Real I.S. AG Munich was awarded this year's Excellence MindShift Award for Flexible Arbeitsmodelle and Office Concepts. On our collaborative journey together, which began in 2018, with the team at Real I.S. this change was carefully planned and implemented. They gave us the opportunity to determine their requirements, understand the company’s DNA and develop the perfect office for...
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Sieber GmbH
Sieber GmbHposted an update23 October 2023
Dive into the heart of creativity at Sieber, Berlin! 🎨 Peek behind the scenes and discover our vibrant office space, where artistry thrives. Amidst the lively buzz of our design studio, dynamic bursts of red, yellow, and blue ignite the imagination. Lush green plants provide a comforting touch, bringing the essence of nature indoors. Transition spaces here are not mere pathways; they're integral parts of our office design, offering a sanctuary, a moment of tranquility amidst the energetic atmos...
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Sieber GmbH

An interdisciplinary team based in Berlin, we design and create workplaces. Exploring the concept of New Work, we strive to offer a contextual, creative and dynamic experience for the users. Our company was founded in 1978 by Margret and Werner Hungenberg. Our roots lie in the functional and ergonomic design of office spaces, compliant with bylaw

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