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SIMERICS GmbHposted an update25 June 2021
eMotor Cooling with SIMERICS MP+ SIMERICS MP+ CFD software can be used to perform thermal analyses of oil cooled electric motors with fast analysis times. Thermal effects can impact the design, spacing and size of these motors. The analysis requires a transient, three-dimensional CFD model comprehending all the important parts such as the windings, rotor and stator laminate, end rings etc. The multiphase Volume of Fluid (VOF) approach is used to model the convective cooling of the solid compone...
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SIMERICS GmbHposted an update25 June 2021
CFD System Simulation with SIMERICS MP+ With SIMERICS MP+, you are able to simulate your complete system consisting of several complex parts or components. A system simulation leads to the advantage to take interactions between components into account. As a result of this, your system can be investigated and optimized as one big picture. FAST. RELIABLE. ACCURATE #CFD #Simulation #CAE #SystemSimulation #Hydraulic #Hydraulics #Cavitation #cleanenergy #emobility #VDMA #SIMERICS

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SIMERICS GmbH Die Simerics GmbH ist ein Tochterunternehmen der Simerics Inc. Unser Unternehmen wurde 2014 mit dem Ziel gegründet, die CFD-Simulationssoftware Simerics®MP und Simerics®MP+ im europäischen Raum zu lizenzieren und zu vermarkten. Durch unsere zentrale geografische Lage gewährleisten wir kurze Wege und einen...

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