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Sipodposted an update20 March 2021
Sipodposted an update13 March 2021
When you need a software service, you will also need a software SUPPORT service. Your software provided must provide you easy and professional platform for reporting issues or asking for additional support on different channels. That platform must give you reports about statuses of reported problems, deadlines for answers and solutions and expected costs. Support platform will be a place for collaboration between your company and service provider and place where you will discuss about your r...

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Who we are We are Sipod, software company from Belgrade, Serbia. Founded in 2015.  What we do Software Design And Development Our company can be involved in any phase of the project, from analysis and design, to development, testing and support. We have experience in embedded, Windows, Web and Mobile apps development of...

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Bulevar Kralja Aleksandra 438, 11000 Belgrad, Serbia