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smapiot GmbH
smapiot GmbHposted this article18 February 2020
Join our dear colleague @FlorianRappl on his hangout on Microfrontends with #react about our #opensource #microfrontends framework #piral:… @smapiot #awesome @ReactEurope

Hangout with Florian Rappl on Microfrontends with React

Some of the great talks that were submitted to our CFP but couldn't make it to the final line-up get to present live on our Youtube channel during the months...
Hangout with Florian Rappl on Microfrontends with React

smapiot is a growing company specializing in delivering IT solutions and services for the emerging digital transformation space and IoT. We can rely on more than 20 years of experience developing solution architecture concepts and engineering software solutions with our senior team. With the focus on high quality and...

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