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Sofitasposted this article4 January 2018
Happy 2018 to all our associates, friends and partners!
Sofitasposted this article19 December 2013
The Internet has revolutionized the world and given us access to the cooperation opportunities around the globe. Why not to use these opportunities? Here, we will post articles about different topics relevant to near and offshore software development and IT services. Feel free to follow us and subscribe to our Blog via email. Also, do not forget our white paper ‘5 Keys to Successful Software: Near and Offshore’. We look forward to your engagement and opinions.

WELCOME TO SOFITAS! Our candidates will drive your success through excellent communication and professional skill sets. We recruit for software development, tech support, ERP needs and quality assurance. Save over 50 percent on IT costs by going offshore through Sofitas. Sofitas is a Danish agency with offices in Copenhagen...

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