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Staticeposted an update1 September 2021
🎉 After months of working remotely, the Statice team finally had a chance to come together! We organized the first on-site team event in our #Berlin office in a very long time. The week was dedicated to coming and working together, all while having some fun. On the agenda: all-hands meeting, team lunch, company hackathon, game night, workshops, and diner together. It was also the opportunity to say hello to some of our newest members and meet our partners from PwC #NewVenture, with whom our t...

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We build data anonymization solutions so companies can derive value from sensitive data w

We commercialize data anonymization solutions, enabling companies to derive value from sensitive data while minimizing privacy risks. With Statice, companies remove existing barriers to data usage and safeguard their customer privacy by generating privacy-preserving synthetic data, which is compliant for sharing and processing. More informat

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