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Symflowerposted an update21 April 2020
Should you stop hiring because onboarding might be tough during the Covid19 lockdown? Check out our newest blog post, where we share our experience with our fully remote hiring and onboarding process #COVID19 #onboarding #homeoffice
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Symflowerposted an update31 March 2020
This webinar series shows for the first time our brand-new technology to the broad public. We are currently changing the complete worldwide market for software testing, based on mathematical models and artificial intelligence. Don't miss out on the future of software testing! Register now: #softwarequality #softwaretesting #unittesting
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Symflowerposted an update19 March 2020
“Who ya gonna call?” is the motto of the TestBusters Night Vienna. We took part in tonight's remote meetup and talked about how you can automatically generate all your test cases and get rid of those nasty bugs. Don’t worry, if you could not make it: the slides are at #testBustersNightVIENNA #softwaretesting #symflower
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Wir beschäftigen uns mit der autonomen Automatisierung der Software-Qualitätssicherung. Unser Ziel ist es Fehler autonom aufzuzeigen, Entwicklungszeiten zu reduzieren und die Qualitätssicherung gründlicher durchzuführen

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