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tecRacer Group
tecRacer Groupposted an update2 days ago
Do you run the same CLI commands again and again while using VSCode? Even if you already put them into code, you find yourself typing things like 'rake build' all the time? Our colleague Thomas Heinen was largely content with remembering commands or writing a Rakefile until he worked on streamlining a tool for colleagues who might only use GUI-level features usually. That got him thinking if there might be a better way. 🤔 He found out that VSCode has Workspace Tasks integrated and this could ...

VSCode Repository-Level Task Definitions

Do you run the same CLI commands again and again while using VSCode? Even if you already put them into code, you find yourself typing things like rake build all the time? I just learned of VSCode’s integrated Task management the other day, and this knowledge could help you work more productively. So let’s dive deep…
VSCode Repository-Level Task Definitions
tecRacer Group
tecRacer Groupposted an update3 days ago
Inspire-se, aprenda e diverta-se no AWS Cloud Experience Portugal! ☁️ We are very happy to support this year's AWS Cloud Experience Portugal as a gold sponsor. Join us to learn how local organizations are turning to AWS to accelerate innovation and advance their cloud journey. At our booth G03 you can go through your questions with our Cloud Migration, Data Analytics/MLOPs and Amazon Connect experts and learn more about what the AWS Cloud has to offer. 💪 Don’t miss our sponsor session: “Ho...
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tecRacer Group
tecRacer Groupposted an update4 days ago
Join us at the AWS DeepRacer event hosted by SIXT, tecRacer, and AWS on Oct 7, 2023, in Lisbon. 🏎️💨 AWS DeepRacer blends the thrill of racing with the power of reinforcement learning, allowing you to program autonomous race cars to navigate a complex track. Whether you're an AI expert or just eager to explore cutting-edge technology, this event promises an immersive experience like no other. More info & free registration ► ...
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tecRacer ist der stärkste deutsche AWS Premier Partner und Marktführer bei AWS Trainings in Deutschland. tecRacer macht zu 100% AWS Cloud. Zu unserem Angebot gehören beispielsweise Consulting, Development und Managed Services sowie Project Management. Darüber hinaus machen wir agile App- und Web-Entwicklung. Wir zählen mehr...

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