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temicon GmbH
temicon GmbHposted an update1 June
The time has come! Our website relaunch is online. We are very pleased to present our new website with a fresh design and new orientation as a global series manufacturer of micro- and nanostructured R2R & R2P products, injection molded parts and inserts as well as precision components and functional surfaces. In addition to a modern design, the main focus of the redesign was on adapting the content to the needs of our target group. Clearly arranged, bundled and clearly structured. We hope you... Microstructures and Nanostructures

temicon offers large area nano- and microstructuring of surfaces. Design & simulation, mastering, electroforming, roll nanoimprint, injection molding Microstructures and Nanostructures
temicon GmbH
temicon GmbHposted this article18 December 2020
temicon erhält das Gütesiegel "Innovativ durch Forschung" vom "Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft e.V.". Wir freuen uns sehr über diese Auszeichnung!

temicon ist weltweit agierender Technologieführer und Serienproduzent von mikro- und nanostrukturierten Folien, Komponenten und funktionalen Oberflächen. Unsere Produkte sind Schlüsselkomponenten in Licht- und Optiksystemen, Displays und Life-Science-Produkten. Photolithographie, Galvanoformung, Spritzguss und...

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