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Transport Overseas Group


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Transport Overseas Group
Transport Overseas Groupposted an update5 days ago
LET'S GO SUPERCARGO! TO GROUP IS THE APPOINTED AGENT IN BELGIUM FOR BAHRI'S NEW PENDULUM SERVICE FROM EUROPE TO ASIA In addition to our existing agencies in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Poland, our principal Bahri Line has appointed our TO Belgium Branch as acting agent for the new & unique Europe - Asia Pendulum service starting next month! For Belgium, please get in touch with Mr Bob Hannebau - For rates, please contact: #to...
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Transport Overseas Group
Transport Overseas Groupposted an update18 January
ZWEI SCHIFFE IN ZWEI WOCHEN // TRANSPORT OVERSEAS GROUP REALISIERT IN KÜRZESTER ZEIT ZWEI BACK-TO-BACK-PROJEKTE FÜR STRATEGISCHE GÜTER Unser Team in Antwerpen wurde beauftragt, militärische Güter und Ausrüstung auf zwei Schiffe zu laden und zu verstauen. „Das war wirklich eine besondere Anfrage, die wir so in diesem Umfang auch nicht jeden Tag bekommen“, sagt Hendrik Pongky Lubbe Bakker, Assistent des Niederlassungsleiters. „Neben unseren Tätigkeiten wie beispielsweise die Pre-Operation Insp...
Transport Overseas Group
Transport Overseas Groupposted an update14 January
YOU NEED ANY CARGO SPACE? ROLL-ON / ROLL-OFF! We are BAHRI LINE's best performing North European Agent and specialized in Roll-On/Roll-Off and BreakBulk services. When complete industrial plants, modules weighing several tonnes, wind power turbines or sensitive goods must be shipped globally, we have the cargo capacities on vessels. And of course the comprehensive specialist knowledge, skills and experiences when things get really tough. With the new pendulum service (FE) from Europe to Asia a...
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