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Txture GmbH
Txture GmbHposted an update15 July 2021
From #greenfield towards #brownfield cloud transformation! Simple lift and shift has been a common approach in the first #cloudtransformation waves. But IT organizations now realize the need to reconsider their cloud provider choices. Florian describes how to exploit the full potential of the cloud and how to further minimize costs with a proper cloud-to-cloud cost assessment. #cloudmigration #cloudmodernization

Cloud-to-Cloud Assessment & Cost Comparison -

How to do Cloud to cloud migration with Txture, focusing on the business
Cloud-to-Cloud Assessment & Cost Comparison -
Txture GmbH
Txture GmbHposted this article27 October 2020
Cloud Migration decisions are not easy. Are you looking for some practical insights on how to proceed on your cloud journey? Take the opportunity to gain relevant tips and have a chat with us at one of the following online events. We're excited to meet you there!
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Txture GmbH
Txture GmbHposted this article8 October 2020
Join us for a webinar full of innovative approaches and practical experience. Together with our partner Accenture we would like to present hands-on showcases how to assess your application landscape and to develop a roadmap with cloud cost control and cloud management. Save the Date: November 10, 2020 - 4.00 to 5.15 pm December 3, 2020 - 3.00 to 4.15 pm Register here:
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Wir bei Txture kombinieren unseren einzigartigen wissenschaftlichen Hintergrund in den Bereichen strategisches IT-Management, Cloud-Transformation und IT-Infrastruktur-Management mit unseren tiefen Einblicken in die Compliance-Anforderungen stark regulierter Organisationen. Wir verstehen voll und ganz, dass sich unsere Kunden...

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