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UNIBERG GmbHposted an update16 August 2022
🚀 The emergence of 5G will drive the fourth industrial revolution  “The impact that 5G has on Industry 4.0 will be unique. As a trend itself, 5G won’t redesign the production line but it will enable new operating models. With network characteristics that are essential for manufacturing, 5G will offer manufacturers the chance to build smart factories that can take advantage of the emerging tech that’s changing the industry.” But how? 🔘 5G can better deal with data-intensive applications, and th...
UNIBERG GmbHposted an update9 August 2022
We are pleased to announce that we have joined the Industrial Digital Twin Association (IDTA) 💡 🙌  IDTA is a highly respected alliance of innovative companies of all sizes and sectors actively working together to drive the technology development and establish international standards of the Industrial Digital Twin – the key technology of Industry 4.0  Encouraged by our passion to bring innovations from development to implementation – always aiming to deliver tailor-made solutions for our custom...
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UNIBERG GmbHposted an update1 August 2022
💬 🙌 Earlier this month, the entire team of UNIBERG got together in Eschborn for our Q2 review Meeting. After a long break and travel restrictions, it was a great to hold the meeting on-site and meet our colleagues from across all offices. As our team consistently grows, it was also a rare occasion to meet and welcome our new team-members, and for them get a glimpse into our various units. Most of all, it was encouraging to see the progress we are making – together a team. From excellent proje...
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Engineering, Consulting, Programming

Wir sind ein Ingenieur- und Beratungsunternehmen für Telekommunikations- und Systemtechnik sowie IT-Prozesse. Unternehmen aller Art, innerhalb Deutschlands und international, profitieren von unseren Beratungs- und Programmierleistungen. Wir verfügen über eine hohe Projektkompetenz und ein hohes Maß an Kunden- und Unternehmenskommunikation.

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