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Venquis GmbH


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Venquis GmbH
Venquis GmbHposted an update21 November
"Proud to have completed a transformation project involving 10 successful hires and look forward to maintaining this successful partnership as we move into 2024." - Connor Hawkins, Clients Solutions Consultant, Netherlands.
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Venquis GmbH
Venquis GmbHposted an update2 November
Join us in welcoming Jack Lord, who's already supercharging growth across the London Insurance market. He has 8 years' of experience supporting organisations with business and IT change and transformation programs. Need support?
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Venquis GmbH
Venquis GmbHposted an update10 October
At Venquis, we're thrilled to kick off a 2-year sponsorship with Hillyfielders FC in the SELKENT league – a top-tier league where legends like Ian Wright and Eddie Nketiah began their journeys. Why not join our team and be part of inspiring the next generation of champions!
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Venquis GmbH, Widenmayerstraße 31, 80538 Munich, Germany