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VGS Leuchttechnik GmbH


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VGS Leuchttechnik GmbH
VGS Leuchttechnik GmbHposted an update28 August 2023
Good to know! Here are a few facts you probably didn't know about LEDs 👇🏼 🦗 LEDs attract fewer insects than conventional light sources. This is because of the different light spectrum they emit. Insect eyes have a different spectral sensitivity, making them more attracted to the light of an incandescent bulb rather than an LED. 🌿 LED lighting can boost plant growth by up to 40%. Different wavelengths can influence various processes such as flowering or the growth of the plant stem. 💡 The...
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VGS Leuchttechnik GmbH
VGS Leuchttechnik GmbHposted an update22 August 2023
This is what the complete production process of VGS Leuchttechnik looks like 🙌🏼 Do you want to see how we manufacture our illuminated objects? In our production video, you can follow every single step our LED letters go through during manufacturing: 🔨 processing of raw materials, 💡 assembly of the LED lighting for the letters, 🎨 individual design, 🔧 all the way to installation, ⭐️ quality check, 📦 and final shipment.  Watch the full video on our website ➡️ vgs-leuchttechnik...
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VGS Leuchttechnik GmbH
VGS Leuchttechnik GmbHposted an update17 August 2023
$50,000 - that's how much it can cost to advertise on Times Square for a day 🤯 It's one of the most famous places in the world: The Times Square in New York. Dozens of billboards light up here every day, making it a true tourist hotspot 🔥 Times Square gained its fame in the 1990s when the Mayor of New York and Disney transformed the square into a dazzling spectacle full of billboards. 💵 Today, the costs of advertising on the world-renowned Times Square goes from $5,000 to $50,000, dependin...
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Lichtwerbung mit LED

Die VGS Leuchttechnik GmbH gehört weltweit zu den führenden Herstellern von Lichtwerbeanlagen sowie Architektur- und Einrichtungsbeleuchtungen aus massivem Acrylglas mit LED-Ausleuchtung. Die Produkte werden unter dem Markennamen “MaxxLuxx®" vertrieben.

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