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VSightposted an update12 February
“Aviation maintenance workers need to be fast and accurate enough in the performance of their tasks. Many of the risks that threaten this industry comes from the errors of these employees and in addition to financial damage in many cases have caused tragic accidents and loss of life. Augmented Reality technology plays a key role in providing real-time information and improves collaboration between the workforce by making them more engaged in their tasks.” Read our full blog post AUGMENTED REALI...

Augmented Reality for Aircraft Maintenance and Training

Augmented Reality is an innovative technology that provides the overlays of digital content and information onto the physical
Augmented Reality for Aircraft Maintenance and Training

VSight, industrial augmented reality software platform, to helps enterprises transform workforce into intelligent workforce and increase productivity by integrating wearable and mobile software into the enterprise workflow. With Remote functionality, powers enterprise-grade audio/video streaming technology for remote support...

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