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xelonicposted an update8 August 2023
Attention financial bloggers! Level up your website with the xelonic WordPress plugin! Introducing the financialratios Block, your gateway to real-time ratios and stock market data of US companies. Seamlessly integrate it as a WordPress Block into your site and access the latest financial data from official sources , e.g. SEC or NYSE . Perfect for financial bloggers, investors, and business analysts, the plugin allows you to customize which financial ratios to showcase, tailored to your niche an...
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xelonicposted an update9 January 2023
“The evidence presented in this study indicates that insiders can predict abnormal future stock price changes. Insiders purchase stock prior to an abnormal rise in stock prices and sell stock prior to an abnormal decline in stock prices.” – Nejat Seyhun [ ] ►

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Netflix insiders believe in their company: CEO and other insiders increase stock options holdings #NFLX #stockmarkets #stocks #NETFLIX #ValueInvesting #xelonic #money
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Machine intelligence financial market solutions xelonic detects inefficiencies in financial markets worldwide. Our sound data driven market projections enable our customers to reliably balance risk and opportunity. In this way, we offer our customers valuable insights to manage their investments with confidence.

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