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ZIEGLER-Instruments GmbH
ZIEGLER-Instruments GmbHposted an update17 November
We deal with stick-slip effects on a daily basis when we analyze material combinations. Admittedly, such material pairs moving against each other occurs in many everyday life situations. Frequently we can see stick-slip happening in those situations. We primarily notice it when we hear squeaking or creaking noises. However, it can also generate an unwanted haptic feedback that prevents proper functionality or causes irritation regarding the product perception. Have you experience any stick-slip...
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ZIEGLER-Instruments GmbH
ZIEGLER-Instruments GmbHposted an update9 November
Last week our CEO Patrick Schimmelbauer has been in Korea at the annual BSR conference of Hyundai Motor Groupe during the KSNVE Annual Autumn Conference. The main focus of the presentations was around the topic of BSR and annoying noises. Patrick gave a presentation about our KOREMA test stand which measures friction noise. The audience showed great interest in the product, as perceived product quality is a very high priority for Hyundai Kia Motors. Other presentations included topics about proj...
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ZIEGLER-Instruments GmbH
ZIEGLER-Instruments GmbHposted an update27 October
Price increases, inflation? So far we refused to follow the trend! With us, you will still receive all ZIEGLER test stands and systems at the usual prices up to and including 31 December 2022. And it gets even better: You will receive a 20% discount on all ZIEGLER services for the same time period. So, it pays to be quick, as there will be a price increase for starting 01 January 2023! We offer the following tests: o Material pair o Stick-Slip according to VDA-230-206 o Stick-slip and noise tes...
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Wir sind Ingenieure, Dienstleister, Forscher, Visionäre, Weltverbesserer nicht im klassischen Sinne, sondern zu Ihrem Nutzen. Wir denken vor und nicht nur nach! Optimierung von wahrgenommener Qualität ist unser Kerngeschäft. Dazu gehören: - Prävention - Materialprüfung im Bezug auf Stick-Slip, Reibung und Abrieb -...

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