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ZIEGLER-Instruments GmbH
ZIEGLER-Instruments GmbHposted an update7 June 2023
As there was no physical parameter to evaluate the stick-slip risk of material pairings, we have developed the RPN grade. The RPN calibrator was designed to calibrate the RPN grade. This allows the user to check their stick-slip test stand at any time to see if the measurements are correct. For companies which use multiple test stands at different locations, the RPN calibrator allows them to compare their machines with each other. If there are any discrepancies in the RPN grade, you should conta...
ZIEGLER-Instruments GmbH
ZIEGLER-Instruments GmbHposted an update25 May 2023
Another example of why we love our daily business: The owner complained about squeaking noises while driving, especially on rough roads. After an analysis, we were able to locate the critical spot and eliminate the root cause of the annoying noise. 🕵️‍♂️ Now there are no longer any noises hearable and driving became a great pleasure again. This is a nice example of how quickly we find solutions to annoying noise, and how quickly we can improve customer satisfaction. The owner of the vehicle w...

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Wir sind Ingenieure, Dienstleister, Forscher, Visionäre, Weltverbesserer nicht im klassischen Sinne, sondern zu Ihrem Nutzen. Wir denken vor und nicht nur nach! Optimierung von wahrgenommener Qualität ist unser Kerngeschäft. Dazu gehören: - Prävention - Materialprüfung im Bezug auf Stick-Slip, Reibung und Abrieb -...

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