Alex Tur

Vorstandsmitglied, Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Digital Invest Inc.

Düsseldorf, Germany

About me

C-level manager, founder. Over 25 years of experience including developing and supplying hardware and software to the US market, including embedded software, web applications, mobile applications and services. Over 20 years of experience in international companies. Over 15 years in management, including high-level positions.


Business Development
Product Development
Project Management
Information technology
Software Development
Embedded Systems
English Language


Professional experience for Alex Tur

  • Current 1 year and 6 months, since Feb 2023

    Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

    Digital Invest Inc.

    We are building the company in Digital Health (Precision Medicine 2.0), biotech, biomathematics, pharmacology, and IT (AI, biomathematical modeling of a human body).

  • 3 years and 10 months, May 2019 - Feb 2023

    Independent Consultant

    MBTL Studio

    Expert, Project and IT Consulting with the use of clarifying feature requests, workshops, roadmaps and priorities, supporting sprint backlogs, product development, databases, embedded systems, firmware, release and support after the launch.

  • 6 years, Jan 2013 - Dec 2018

    co-Founder, CEO, Product Owner

    MobiTile SCSp

    Developed and launched: MVP and commercial versions of the innovative Cloud B2B/B2C platform to aggregate and process Big Data in a single ecosystem (SaaS model, mobile apps). Compared to the previous version (2010), functionality and performance have increased by 78% and more than 400%, respectively. As a result, the customer base grew by 186% in the first three months after launch.

  • 5 years and 1 month, Feb 2008 - Feb 2013

    Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

    Netsoul, LLC

    Netsoul, LLC is the former Netsoul's Zone, Lab.: Development and launch of own projects such as mobile service MobiTile (SaaS) and WEB monitoring system AdSpider, development of mobile widgets kits for Samsung Electronics (Russia, Ukraine), of the mobile client for 'department one' GmbH and, IT consulting.

  • 1 year and 9 months, Oct 2010 - Jun 2012

    R&D Director

    GENEX International Inc.

    Commercial enterprises for genetic testing in Ukraine and Russia with DNA laboratory in the USA created from scratch to launch in collaboration with the Biotechnology Group (USA) and XIBI Group (USA). Compared to expectations, sales reached 148% in the first three months after launch.

  • 2 years and 6 months, Jan 2010 - Jun 2012

    R&D Director


    A commercial Cloud platform for video surveillance and highly securely storing files developed from scratch to launch.


  • Russian

    First language

  • English


  • Ukrainian


  • German



Change the world for the better
Business Development
Software Technology
Hardware Development
Big Data
Cloud Computing
Neural Networks
Artificial intelligence
Human genetics
Healthcare IT

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