Andrey Grebnev


Inhaber, Owner&CEO, Blandware (

Izhevsk, Russian Federation


foundation and management of software development
offshore IT outsourcing in Russia


Professional experience for Andrey Grebnev

  • Current 15 years and 10 months, since Nov 2006

    Sun Campus Ambassador

    Sun Microsystems

    Sun Campus Ambassador ( in Udmurt State University ( I evangelized technologies, products, academic programs (e.g. Sun Academic Initiative), contests, etc. of Sun Microsystems among students, faculty and employees of University.

  • Current 19 years, since Sep 2003

    Assistant professor

    Udmurt State University

    The faculty of Computer Science and Engineering, The department of Theoretical Foundations of Computer Science. I lecture the following courses in Udmurt State University ( - Operation systems - Interfaces of information systems and practise - Databases - Methods of information science teaching

  • Current 19 years and 7 months, since Feb 2003


    Blandware (

    Blandware ( Blandware is Izhevsk's IT-company which provides software development services to customers from Europe, USA and Russia. Blandware develops its own 3 open-source products: AtLeap ( – Java Content Management System, AtLeapLite ( – PHP Content Management System, JLibrary ( – Java Document Management System.

  • 1 year, Nov 2003 - Oct 2004

    General Manager


    The production unit of Spanish company ( in Izhevsk city. I managed production unit in a whole, and managed life-circle of software development.

  • 2 months, Jul 2003 - Aug 2003


    Intel corporation

    Intel Corporation branch office in Nizhny Novgorod city. I worked as intern in software department (REI – Release Engineering & Infrastructure). I designed inside project of Intel Corporation in QA (Quality Assurance) area.

  • 8 months, Aug 2002 - Mar 2003

    Senior Software Developer

    Elewise Ltd.

    I analyzed, designed, implemented, tested, deployed, supported custom software for foreign customers of “Elewise” company ( I managed projects. I managed development team (3 member).

  • 11 months, Sep 2001 - Jul 2002

    Software Developer

    Izhevsk Novosoft Remote Team

    I was external programmer of Novosoft company Novosoft company was in five of leader-companies in Russia in Software development area. I developed custom software for foreign customers of “Novosoft” company.

Educational background for Andrey Grebnev

  • 3 years and 2 months, Nov 2003 - Dec 2006

    Systems analysis, information management and processing (engineerin sciences)

    Udmurt State University

    Udmurt State University ( The faculty of Computer Science and Engineering. The department of Theoretical Foundations of Computer Science. Author of 13 scientific publications.

  • 4 years and 10 months, Sep 1998 - Jun 2003

    Information systems (in computer technology area)

    Udmurt State University

    Udmurt State University ( The faculty of mathematics. The cumulative Grade Point Average – 4.75 (from 1 to 5). The promotion (examination) grade – 5.


  • English


  • Russian

    First language

  • German



partners who want to create IT R&D center in Russia


Ph.D. of Computer Science. The IT-company management experience – 6 years. The project management
analysis and design Java Enterprise Edition applications – 8 years. The experience of work in big international IT-corporations: Intel
Sun Microsystems. The owner of IT-company Blandware
which develops 3 its own open-source software products.

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