Bernard Tan


Kepong, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Online software - access to the personality tests all over the world through the internet. Immediate report Detail description of a product: 1. KYKO PSYCHOMETRIC ASSESSMENT TOOL FOR MIDDLE MANAGEMENT Quality people are the most important critical success factor of an organization... The managers represent the brain of the company. KYO manage application software is specifically designed to asses the qualities of middle- level managers. The assessment report encompasses a series of vital information as below:  Description of a Manager’s Personality  Traits  Characteristics  Strengths  Improvement Needs  Planning  Problem Solving and Decision-Making  Interpersonal Relationship  Conflict Management  Communication  Change Management  Leadership The above information can be used for:  Human Resource Personnel to plan their strategies for the following functions: - Select the best calibre candidates from the market by matching requirements of a specific managerial position extracted from the main duties
responsibilities and functions specified in the job description to the KYKO Manage report. - Match the person to a specific managerial position and job that fit into his/her personality to ensure that the person is motivated to grow professionally
and contributes meaningfully to the organization. - Using the core managerial skills to identify their strengths for placement and deficiencies for training and development. - Identify and assess talents for succession planning to ensure high calibre managers are promoted to a higher position. - Use the report as a guide to enhance the qualities of their incumbent managers through training and personal development  Recruiting Agency to recruit Middle-Level Managers  Training Organizations specialized in training Middle-Level Managers and many other products


Professional experience for Bernard Tan

  • Current 10 years, since 2012


    KYKO International Pte

    Chairman and Founder

Educational background for Bernard Tan

  • Industrial Psychology

    Ohio State University, USA

    Motivation and Behavioral Science


  • English



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