Dr. Bernhard Wandernoth


Inhaber, CEO, BEE Systems, Inc.

Kirchberg, Switzerland


network of companies to develop
approve and manufacture medical devices


Professional experience for Bernhard Wandernoth

  • Current 12 years and 8 months, since Mar 2009


    HBImed AG


  • Current 16 years, since Nov 2005

    Managing Director

    BEE Medic GmbH

    BEE Medic GmbH Switzerland: Managing Director, owner - BEE Medic GmbH Germany: Managing Director, owner - BEE Systems, Inc.: CEO, owner

  • Current 16 years and 4 months, since Jul 2005


    BEE Systems, Inc.

  • 7 years and 1 month, Aug 1998 - Aug 2005

    Head Technology Research, Analyst

    BT&T AG

  • 2 years and 8 months, Jan 1996 - Aug 1998

    R&D Section Head

    Contraves Space

  • 7 months, Jun 1995 - Dec 1995

    Research Associate

    Rome Labs

  • 5 years and 6 months, Jan 1990 - Jun 1995

    Research Associate

    German Aerospace Center

Educational background for Bernhard Wandernoth

  • 4 years, Jan 1990 - Dec 1993

    Electronics Engineering

    DLR / Technical University Munich

    Sensitivity limits of optical receives. Development of synchronization techniques to allow quantum-limited data transmission between satellites.

  • 4 years and 2 months, Nov 1985 - Dec 1989

    Electronics Engineering

    Technical University Munich (1985-1989)


  • German

    First language

  • English



Partners for research
validation and approval of ERP-based biomarkers.
Universities that seek to perform studies regarding neurofeedback
Students who want to do their bachelor or master or phd thesis in the areas of neurofeedback and neurodiagnostics.
or simply wand to develop hard- and software.
I'm cool with our growth - we are building a leading position in the fast growing field of EEG-based diagnosis and treatment of mental health disorders.Open positions at jobs.eeginfo.chFor more information about ongoing R&D projects or regarding partnerships contact me directly.


High-tech and signal processing. What does satellite communication links with lasers have in common with brain diagnostics and treatment? its the tiny noisy signals that either from a distant satellite or the human brain cortex need to made sense of by high-end signal processing. When I entered the mental health industry
I was surprised to learn how many people in our societies are suffering from serious mental health issues - approx. ten percent! More precise
effective and affordable methods are needed for diagnosis and treatment. The EEG
the tiny electrical currents obtained from the scalp
can actually be used for both precise diagnostics and treatment of a wide variety of mental health issues. Diagnostics works with so-called biomarkers based on event-related potentials. Treatment by means of EEG is called "neurofeedback"
which is now
fourty years after its discovery
becoming widely used and accepted. The increasing demand for solutions in our post-industrial information-centric societies is met by reliable
effective and affordable tools that support the psychiatrists and therapists. I personally feel great satisfaction to apply my knowledge about technology to make people's lifes better. Besides the mental health industry
I'm still active in the aerospace industry
helping to establish reliable technology for high-speed intersatellite optical links. I'm proud that technology that I developed many years ago is now operational on a couple of satellites in space :)

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