Blaskie Baker Alexandra Stevenson

is looking for freelance projects. 🔎

Inhaber, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Lumberjack @Blaskie.Timber,firewood&logs,

Frankfurt am Main, Germany

About me

I am a lumberjack I am from Canada I have a timber company in Canada I am a single dad with two kids 🌹


Strategy Development
Project development
Distribution Management
Line Management
Computer Networks
Adobe Illustrator
I am a lumberjack
Single-item Production


Professional experience for Blaskie Baker Alexandra Stevenson

  • Current 43 years and 4 months, since Nov 1980

    Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Lumberjack @Blaskie.Timber,firewood&logs

    I am (Alexandar Stevenson) from Canada I am a single dad with two kids a boy&girl my children lives with me, I am a lumberjack I own timber logs and firewood company I am also a business adviser!! Your business is my number one priority involve me in your business I will advise you and give you more knowledge an understanding all we need to do is to share idea and get your business done once I so much believe in nature and every other desirable thing that makes life and the living the world a better place

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