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Bruce C. Lupfer

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Bruce C. Lupfer's haves

Bruce C. Lupfer's wants

Bruce C. Lupfer's professional experience

  • 1971 - present


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  • 1980 - present


    Complications of Entrepaneurship/Suits and Loans

  • 1972 - present

    Philanthropist/ Investor


  • 1971 - present

    Original Financier

    Rupert Murdock Inc.

  • 1969 - present

    Shareholder/ sometimes owner

    Other Major Investments

  • 1969 - present



  • 1969 - present



  • 1969 - present



  • 1969 - present


    Many, Celeron,ect...

  • 1962 - present

    Financier/actor/film-maker/song writer


  • 1962 - present


    Bank/ Financial Service Accounts/Profolios of BC Lupfer

  • 1962 - present


    More Portfolio/accounts names of BCL

  • 1962 - present

    Philanthropist Investor

    More Bank Finacial service Accounts/Portfolios

  • 1962 - present

    Funder of Movie Pruductions (Philanthropist/Investor)

    More Accounts/Portfolios

  • 1962 - present


    More Account Names and investments

  • 1962 - present


    Law Suits Wins

Bruce C. Lupfer's educational background

  • 01/2001 - 05/2002

    Kent State University-Stark and Kent

    Humanities and bachelor GRE's, sociology

  • 01/1988 - 05/2003

    University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point

    Natural Resources-Wildlife/ Biology/ Philosophy

  • 09/1980 - 07/1983

    Hocking College

    Recreation and Wildlife, AAS 1988

    Natural resource law and law enforcement, park rangering, field ecology. Major donor to the creation of the college in the 1970's.
  • Harvard University

    Government, past Honorary BA Degree

    Related to public service, Nobel award, philanthropy, diplomacy, NASA.
  • Kent State University

    (Government, Fine Arts, General Studies), past Honorary BA (threatened government student loans/grants)

    Related to lyrics and score composing especially for Neil Young, Rolling Stones, The Who, Paul Winter Consort and other music groups especially Folk and using music as a political unifier in American history in the 60's to 80's.
  • Other Honorary degrees

    ?Yale BA/MS Environmental, Something UK-Oxford U likely BA similar, Carlton College Honorary Cert. in founders area, UWSP writing certificate for movie (Star Wars) writing 70's. Don't remember if I accepted all these but they were tv news. Honorary PhD's I must have been mistaken about.
  • Other Honorary Certs. or degrees

    UW-Madison Cert. for funding (genetics degree program)., something U Oregon-Law School (?honorary law degree or honorary public lands law cert which I was sued over), cert. Julliard for music writing contributions to Am. Hist. (dropped). Univ PA cert for NEPA Strands Env Ed contrib.

Languages spoken by Bruce C. Lupfer

  • English

Bruce C. Lupfer's organisations

  • Democratic Party DNC (republican roots though)
  • Green Party
  • past US Govt. public service and employee both executive and general series
  • various environmental non-profit orgs.

Bruce C. Lupfer's interests

Bruce C. Lupfer's portfolio

Bruce C. Lupfer's contacts

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