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Our Services: 1- Marketing of Mining Projects and Prospects For Sale: Through our marketing we assist the sale or joint venture (JV) of mining projects and exploration prospects. We bring buyers and sellers together from all around the world to facilitate quick and efficient transactions. 2- Marketing of Whole of Mine Asset Sales and Surplus Mining Equipment: We market whole of mine asset sales
including the project resource as well as all equipment and assets on site. Often when a mine closes the quicker a sale can be realised the better. We also market individual large items of mining equipment which may be surplus to your needs. We are able to quickly alert the target market and assist the seller in an efficient and helpful way by providing a fast and effective way for you to communicate such opportunities which require market awareness to quickly attract a buyer and receive market price. Our Marketing Method: We market mining assets using our three-stage marketing strategy: 1- Promotion through our global* network of pre-registered buyers and JV partners by direct meeting
phone or Email Alert; 2- Management of an active targeted marketing campaign contacting suitable potential buyers directly; 3- Management of an optional media advertising campaign on behalf of the seller. 3- Advertising Service (suitable for Receiver Sales): We provide an effective platform for the advertising of opportunities by those who do not require our more comprehensive service
such as Administrators of mining assets which need to be advertised. As well as advertising in the financial press Administrators can also place the same advertisement on and have it sent out as an Email Alert to our registered buyers list. 4- General Consulting Services: We are available to act for clients in various areas in various locations worldwide. Please contact us to discuss your needs further. Our Personal Service: We offer a personalized service
we actively market your assets
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Wants always needs more mining projects and mining assets to sell. We have buyers standing by wanting to buy mining projects worldwide. WE ARE ESPECIALLY LOOKING FOR COAL
IRON ORE AND GOLD DEPOSITS. We aim to provide one of the quickest
most efficient ways for you to sell or JV your mining projects
exploration prospects and other mining assets. We provide a growing global* targeted marketplace for you to quickly inform potential buyers. If your target audience doesn’t know that you are selling
you are not going to get the best deal. We also offer people the opportunity to work with us on a freelance basis. If you introduce a buyer or seller to Mining Tenements and a deal is consumated we will pay you a fee. This is all done by prior written agreement. Please contact our consultant Craig Manners in Melbourne
Australia on +(613) 9877 0312 to discuss your mining or exploration project or assets and how our Marketing Service can help you to achieve the best sale outcome.

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