Dr. Dietmar Treichel


Inhaber, Leitung, Institut für Kommunikation & Führung IKF

Luzern, Switzerland


MBA (Henley)
practical & scientific competencies from 20 years
teaching & consulting on transnational leadership
leadership support methods for transnational compa
global expert network
professional organization in Switzerland


Professional experience for Dietmar Treichel

  • Current 16 years and 2 months, since Jul 2006


    Institut für Kommunikation & Führung IKF

    Studienleitung für Personal Leadership, Change & Projekt-Management, transkulturelle Kommunikation & Kooperation

Educational background for Dietmar Treichel

  • International management, communication, psychology, social sciences

    Heidelberg (D), Henley (GB), Cincinnati (USA), Manchester (GB), Osnabrück (D)

    transnational strategies, intercultural communication


  • German


  • English



Our Institute of Communication & Leadership (www.ikf.ch) is interested in international personal and institutional cooperation for our MBAs and summer schools in Global Leadership & Intercultural Management. Our Global Leadership Institute would like to extend its world-wide network of top experts (professors
practitioners) and projects. I would love to talk to you or work with your companies on these issues.


Transnational competitive strategies
global leadership & performance development
transcultural communication for results - mountain biking (for the body)
hiking (for the mind)
table tennis (for a focused vision)
talking to & learning from others (for a widened vision)

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