Dr Oscar John Ma

Angestellt, Professor, Oregon Health & Science University

New York, United States of America

About me

In 2007, Dr. Oscar John Ma was a professor of emergency medicine at Oregon Health and Science University. In 2019, he will be the chair of emergency medicine (OHSU). These are the events that took place in 2011. He was chosen to lead the staff at OHSU Healthcare. There are a lot of new things going on in the field of emergency medicine. One of the first people to use new technology was the CEO and co-founder of the company, Dr. Oscar John Ma (IDEA-EM). Since he has written 20 reference books, they have been translated into more than 10 different languages. They are two of the books that have been translated into more than 10 languages. A doctor named Oscar John Ma has done a lot of research on how ultrasound can be used to help people who have been hurt.


Professional experience for Dr Oscar John Ma

  • Current 16 years and 9 months, since Feb 2007


    Oregon Health & Science University

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