Fabio Sipolino


Inhaber, Ceo & Founder at Financial Polis, Financial Polis

Torino, Italy


Who is Fabio Sipolino? Fabio Sipolino is best known for being the founder of the Financial Polis System and the Movement Polis Organization. Fabio Sipolino is a public figure and many details of his life are discussed. Sipolino Fabio was born in Alexandria in 1976. Between 1995 and 2002 he attended the Faculty of Engineering Electronics Politecnico di Torino
where since the first year of University began point the system known B2B: Open Practice (heart of the system Financial Polis). The theories of "Collective Intelligence" are the basis of system Financial Polis and Platform Open Practice " Fabio Sipolino was always surprised by the application engineering of how the human mind and the incredible powers and abilities the human mind. During the early summer of 1995 in Turin Fabio Sipolino founded the Financial Polis System as a logical consequence of "Collective Intelligence Applied to Finance and Consulting. Sipolino claimed to have hit upon the incontrovertible evidence and scientifically validated the existence of a quantum shift the organizational models of Companies. To support his new theory Sipolino had created an entire Genome is now come to have 55 genes. The purpose of Financial Polis is to recover the original capacity of men to share and exchange 's intelligence to solve problems. Financial History of Polis
Sipolino arrives to explain how people can interact via the New Technologies without knowing people can enter deeply communicate and exchange their knowledge to solve problems people. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Affiliation Program: Step 1: go in www.financialpolis.com in the high in the right in red click Open Practise and sign up ------------------------- ------------------------- ------------------------- ------------------------- ----------------- Step2: go in www.financialpolis.com in the high in thet right in red click Polis and sign up


Professional experience for Fabio Sipolino

  • Current 14 years and 1 month, since Jan 2008


    Credit Polis

    Credit Polis rappresenta un'evoluzione di Policredit, (Franchising innovativo di consulenza e intermediazione finanziaria).------------------ Tel.: 011 6686762 ----------------- Cell.: 345 6990317 ----------------------- Fax: 011 6691210 ----------------- e-mail: info@creditpolis.it --------------- Via Michelangelo Buonarroti 12/a --------------- 10126 Torino

  • Current 15 years and 1 month, since 2007

    Ceo & Founder at Travel Polis

    Travel Polis


  • Current 20 years and 1 month, since 2002

    Ceo & Founder at Political Polis

    Political Polis


  • Current 20 years and 1 month, since 2002

    Ceo & Founder at Medical Polis

    Medical Polis


  • Current 26 years and 6 months, since Aug 1995


    Fiancial Polis

    Network per la finanza a 360°

  • Current 27 years and 1 month, since Jan 1995

    Ceo & Founder at Financial Polis

    Financial Polis

    Ing. Fabio Sipolino CEO & FOUNDER of FINANCIAL POLIS (Skype: fabio.sipolino1)

  • Current 27 years and 1 month, since 1995

    Ceo & Founder at Polis Organization

    Polis Organization


  • 2 years and 3 months, May 2009 - Jul 2011


    Polis Corporation Srl

    Società di B2B: tecniche innovative di B2B

  • 4 years and 9 months, Jan 2003 - Sep 2007



    Policredit è una società di consulenza e intermediazione finanziaria (per privati e aziende) molto attiva sul canale "on line" e ha dei prodotti innovativi nell'ambito della mediazione creditizia. Policredit ha introdotto una forte innovazione nel settore perchè ha messo a punto alcuni prodotti per i privati che si basano sul principio della condivisione del rischio tra Banca e Intermediario.

Educational background for Fabio Sipolino

  • 7 years and 1 month, Sep 1995 - Sep 2002

    Area gestionale

    Politecnico di Torino

    Gestione aziendale


  • Italian



I started up Financial Polis in 1995 and I am astonished and honoured to see how many people have joined the project so to create the biggest Network in Finance and Consulting based on the Collective Intelligence Theory. Financial Polis in not a commercial internet site
It's a community
completely animated and supported by peope like You. Thousands people use Financial Polis every month and You are a part of this Community. ogni mese. I believe in us. I believe tha Financial Polis will always improved. The idea is just that: a person with a request
log the request in the system
Partners will interact in order to solve the problem by Open Practise ( Collective Consulting). If you find it useful today
just imagine where we can go in 5
10 years starting from now. Financial Polis is about the ability of people like us to perform extraordinary things. People like us work in Financial Polis
practice after practice. There are people like us that support it. It's a proof of our collective ability to change the world. We have to protect the place where this important process happen. We need to protect Financial Polis and keep it free from external forces. We want it to keep it open and free so you can use it as you desire. We want that Financial Polis keeps on growing and spreading everywhere by stimulating the partecipation of everyone.


Collaborative Outsourcing ....................................................................................................................................... Go in www.financialpolis.com in the high
in thet right
in red click Open Practise and sign up

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