Farbod Farrokhnia

is looking for freelance projects. ­čöÄ

Selbstst├Ąndig, IT Solutions Specialist (frastrucutre & Software Development), FAB-IT Solutions

Stuttgart, Germany

About me

With over 20 years experience in dynamic and mission critical environments, have been involved in many IT projects from many technical and tactical perspectives.  In recent years having more tendency of involvement in architectural, managerial and team leadership, including off-shore resource management and team creation of specialists; in complex heterogeneous environments, whilst not losing sight on intricate technical aspects i.e.: Oversee the development of future component architectures and migration plans. Conceive, design, prototype, and test new methods, algorithms, and models. Define and enforce appropriate technical standards and procedures. Lead the research and development of new software products and applications. Define system, technical and application architectures for major areas of development.


IT infrastructure architecture
Software developme
Cloud Computing
Information technology
Solution Architecture
Continuous Integration
Agile Software Development
IT Security Consulting
IT System Administration
Database Administration
IT Network


  • English

    First language

  • German



Fashionable Cafes
House interior decor
Cryptographic Economy
Self sufficient Houses with energy redistribution into main grid.
Expanding decentralised infrastructure across lands to avoid overcrowded polluted metropolitans
Promoting respect for Intelligence and philosophy of life instead of carcinogenic effect of mega rich

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