Ing. Felipe Alfonso González

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Inhaber, CEO - Senior Computer Scientist, Nymex, Data Research SpA

Santiago, Chile

About me

Experienced Computer Science Engineer pursuing a Master's in Big Data & Business Intelligence. With a rich history in technology since the 80s, I've engaged in Software Engineering, Data Engineering, Machine Learning, Cybersecurity, and more. Proficient in coding, statistics, and data research, I leverage cutting-edge tech for innovative breakthroughs. Over 23 years in the field, I've collaborated globally, embracing technologies like FreeBSD, Debian & Arch. My expertise spans diverse areas from algorithms to decision models. Fluent in English, and Spanish, I've lived in various countries. Open to business, consulting, and research opportunities. Connect with me on LinkedIn or Twitter for a chat or collaboration. Cheers!


Professional experience for Felipe Alfonso González

  • Current 5 years, since Jan 2019

    CEO - Senior Computer Scientist

    Nymex, Data Research SpA


  • English


  • French


  • Spanish

    First language

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