Firoz Shroff


Vorstandsmitglied, United Nations Association of Canada Toronto UNACTO Chairman-President-Director, United Nations Association of Canada -Toronto UNACTO

Toronto, Canada


Private Equity Capital
Can underwrite IPO’s upto $ 100 million. We hav
Human Resource
Real Estate
assist private companies go Public
Philanthropic Ventures and new Business Services.
provide private equity investments. We have experi
monetize and monitor deals as investors. As a grou
structuring process and models to support large in
projects and opportunities that we would like to j


Professional experience for Firoz Shroff

  • Current 17 years and 5 months, since Oct 2005

    President Founder Idea Sponsor

    Social Entrepreneurship Consortium Inc

    Executive Chairman, CEO, Founder, Idea Sponsor, Trustee, Mentor, Social Entrepreneur

  • Current 17 years and 10 months, since May 2005

    United Nations Association of Canada Toronto UNACTO Chairman-President-Director

    United Nations Association of Canada -Toronto UNACTO

    UNACTO office was turnaround and revived under the Mr.Shroff leadership with support from UNAC United Nations Association Canada Ottawa Head office asp Proteam Chairman. Responsibility includes strategic direction, fund raising management guidance, board level advice and direction and recruitment

  • Current 18 years and 9 months, since Jun 2004


    Homeland International Inc

  • Current 18 years and 11 months, since Apr 2004

    Founder Chairman

    Valufactory Inc

    35 years experience in strategic planning, mergers and acquisitions, international capital markets, shares, debt instruments, currency and commodities futures, options, arbitrage, derivatives, investment banking and corporate management to Valufactory.

  • Current 19 years and 2 months, since Jan 2004

    President - Director - Founder - Idea Sponsor

    International Business Consortium - United Nations Association of Canada Toronto

  • Current 19 years and 2 months, since Jan 2004


    International Business Consortium

    • Valufacturing Brand, advertising revenue from presale. • Strategic and tactical business plan and sales strategy development. • Generates development deals focusing on multi-family residential, commercial, condos, shopping, resort and hospitality projects, including real-estate market analysis.

  • Current 23 years and 8 months, since Jul 1999

    Founder and President

    Sasi Wealth Consulting Services

  • Current 23 years and 9 months, since Jun 1999

    Founder Trustee

    Sasi Foundation

    Have traits in Global Volunteerism managing Global Projects, Arranging Finance and Investment, Handle Cross Border M & A Activities, Create and Arbitrage Proprietary Derivatives, Contacts with Stock Brokerage firms.

  • 24 years and 11 months, Feb 1976 - Dec 2000

    Executive Chairman Founder

    Sasi Group of Companies

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Educational background for Firoz Shroff

  • 1 year and 1 month, Dec 1978 - Dec 1979

    Strategic Planning

    Arthur D. Little School of Management

    Real Estate and Capital Market


  • English


  • Urdu


  • Hindi


  • Punjabi


  • Swahili



We want Qualified Experienced Professional C-Level Executives and Managers + Entrepreneurial Partners + Large Real Estate Projects + We want to invest in C-Level Recruitment and Head Hunting firm + invest in E-commerce Ventures + we have funds and want to invest in Mega Multi million dollars projects. We want Entrepreneurs and Professional Managers to bring deals or work on our deals to operate various business ventures and real estate projects for us globally. We want to invest in the following industry. Marketing
Human Resource
Consulting firms
Investment banks
Multi Billion dollar Commercial Real Estate projects
we want to assist Public Companies with money and management
assist in Philanthropic Ventures and invest in new Business Services companies.


Our interest is as Investors
Wealth Creators
Scenario Planners
Ideation and Intellectual Capital Partners and Social Entrepreneurs
Philanthropist. We have ability to invest upto 10 figures on behalf of private equity fund
family members
friends and high net worth individuals
investors and partners.

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