Florian Feldbinder

Freiberufler, Freelance 3D Artist, www.florian-feldbinder.com

Berlin, Deutschland


Professional experience for Florian Feldbinder

  • Current , since Aug 2013

    Game Designer (Vision Keeper) / Lead 3D Artist

    Team Voodoo

    In 2013 I started working casually on a personal indie-game. In 2015 me and my team won the Karl H. Ditze Award of the HAW Hamburg for the best project. • Managing a project with differently skilled individuals • Coming to game design decisions • Instructing of other 3D Artists • Modeling and texturing of characters, creatures and environment on the basis of concepts • Rigging and animation of characters and creatures • Shading and visual effects • Some scripting

  • Current , since Mar 2012

    Freelance 3D Artist


    Besides my studies in 2012 I started working as a Freelance 3D Artist in the games industry. • DRL Simulator • Pantropy • Dota 2 • The Blu • Several mobile, minor and unpublished projects (Work samples upon request)

  • 1 year, Feb 2015 - Jan 2016

    Lead 3D Artist

    Inner Cookie Party

    Starting in 2015 I worked as Lead 3D Artist on a part time basis on the game Proles, a dystopian mmo space game. • Elaborating workflows for the art department • Creating smart materials with Substance Painter • Modeling and texturing of high quality space ships

  • 5 months, Feb 2014 - Jun 2014

    Freelance Artist

    2B Advice LLC

    After my internship I worked as a Freelance Artist for the 2B Advice LLC, the New York office of the 2B Advice GmbH. My assignment was to create an informative promotional video for the American market for the new software release. Work samples upon request. • Modeling of simple geometric 3d shapes • Creating 2d vector graphics • Creating simple 3d, 2d and camera animations • Cutting of audio files • Rendering and compositing of the different elements

  • 5 months, Oct 2013 - Feb 2014

    3D Artist

    GameArt Studio GmbH

    Starting in 2013 I worked on Quantum Rush (a futuristic PC racing game) as an intern in the graphics department at GameArt Studio. During this time the game launched the closed beta level and I learned a lot about in-house development as well as productivity. • Modeling and texturing of weapons, environment and props • Efficient and customizable shading and vertex-shading for effective assets (holograms, etc.) • Creating visual effects

  • 6 years and 1 month, Feb 2008 - Feb 2014

    Graphical Assistant

    2B Advice GmbH - the privacy benchmark

    From 2008 - 2011 I worked as a Freelance Assistant for the 2B Advice GmbH. Starting in 2011 this has been extended to work as a Graphical Assistant with a minor employment. Work samples upon request. • 2d vector- and pixel graphics (product logos, software icons, print, etc.) • 3d models used for marketing • 3d animated video as an intro for software tutorials • Tutorial videos (recording, editing, subtitles) • Software testing • Authoring of help texts in German and English using Help Studio

Educational background for Florian Feldbinder

  • 2011 - 2012

    Interactive Entertainment Design (Game Art)

    SAE Institute Berlin

    • Modeling (Maya, 3ds Max) • Sculpting and texturing (ZBrush, Photoshop) • Rigging and animation (Maya) • Game engine integration (Unity) • Drawing

  • 2008 - 2011

    3D Art


    • Modeling (3ds Max) • Texturing (Photoshop) • Shading (UDK/UnrealEd 4.0) • Vector graphics and layout (Illustrator, InDesign, Flash) • Animation Basics (3ds Max)


  • German

    First language

  • English


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