Karl Smith

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Vorstandsmitglied, Interim CIO, Director of Transformation, Agile World Inc.

Edinburgh, United Kingdom

About me

Karl A L Smith was born in Kent, grew up in Beckenham and currently lives in Scotland and works globally. He has focused his life on problem solving, to fix the everyday problems of humans. He is best known for launching new business capabilities or optimizing existing ones and provides consultancy services globally. He has been recognised for his work to date by the British Computer Society with a Fellowship FBCS. He has been named in the Top 100 Thought Leaders and Influencers to follow for Agile and the Future of Work. in 2020/21/22 by Thinkers360. Karl has been a driving force in the formation of many initiatives that are focused on education as a pathway to personal and financial freedoms. Karl A L Smith is a co-founder of Agile World talk show with Sabrina C E Bruce. The voluntary entertainment, media and education ecosystem Agile World https://agile-world.charity/ includes Agile World Broadcast Media https://agile-world.news/ amongst others.


Digital Transformation
Digital strategy
Disruption Consulting
Organisational Change
Global Business Management
Digital Agency Management
Global Strategy
Governance and Policy Consulting
Organizational Change Management
Startup Consulting
Strategic Risk Management Consulting
Proposition and Capability Consulting
IoT ecosystems
Cognitive Interfaces
Big Data
Organisational Design
Artificial intelligence
Augmented Reality
Internet Marketing
Augmented Intelligence
Service Design
SAFe 5.0
Ways of Working
Customer Experience Management


Professional experience for Karl Smith

  • Current 2 years and 4 months, since Aug 2021

    Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

    Agile World Incorporated

    Our mission is to support educational and training initiatives that provide free Agile training resources for everyone. Agile World is committed to Practical Agile knowing that it can have a fundamental and positive impact on individuals, communities and businesses by aiding them in everyday life. We are involved in reducing the barriers to knowledge and education that otherwise exist for a large proportion of the world because of languages, finances or their physical location.

  • Current 2 years and 11 months, since Jan 2021

    Co-Founder and CIO/CTO

    Agile World Broadcast Network

    The Agile World broadcast network was set up to create and distribute the Agile World show and is a nonprofit Entertainment Media and Education organization for supporting people to gain free access to Agile education. Agile World is Broadcast Network organisation is based in Los Angeles, California set up to make and distribute Agile media, entertainment and educational materials, it is an initiative of the nonprofit Agile World Incorporated C4780724 also based in Los Angeles, California.

  • Current 22 years and 6 months, since Jun 2001

    Founder and CIO/CTO

    UbiNET Inc R&D

    My roles are as the chief scientist, data architect, engineer and ecosystem visionary. UbiNET is a ubiquitous platform (IoT) and system to deliver Smart Living, for humanity. It uses proprietary technologies including a twin AI blockchain and is operated in accordance with the secondary handshake Open Network Ecosystem Protocol ONEP.

  • Current 34 years and 5 months, since Jul 1989

    Interim CIO, Director of Transformation

    Agile World Inc.

    Working as an Digital Strategist, Business Designer, Key Opinion Leader for Customer Experience CX, User Experience UX, Colleague Experience CE, Service and Ecosystem Design, IoT, AI, Blockchain, Future of Work, FinTech, GovTech, MedTech, EdTech in Agile World Inc. since 2015. Services Interim CIO/CTO Digital Strategy Customer Experience Colleague Experience Brand Creation Social Media Engagement Brand Equity Realisation M&A Research

  • 1 year and 9 months, Mar 2021 - Nov 2022

    Agile and DevSecOps Organisational Design Office Lead

  • 7 months, Sep 2020 - Mar 2021

    Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

    The Agile20Reflect Festival

    Involved in establishing festival strategy, a scaleable web presence and automation around social media for the Global Agile Celebration Agile20Reflect Festival. A retrospective on the last 20 years in February 2021 and a chance to network globally to experiment with the next 20 years trajectory.

  • 4 years and 3 months, Dec 2016 - Feb 2021

    Senior Partner, Business Agility and Design

    The HiveMind Network

    Focused on professional services configuration of the Hivemind Network through building RFI, RFP capability. Expert practitioner Business Agility, Service Design, Digital and Organisational Transformation.

  • 1 year and 4 months, Jan 2018 - Apr 2019

    Product Owner, Centres of Excellence, Technology, Retail and Commercial Banking


    Adopting new ways of working including SAFe, LESS, DevOps, Cynefin changing Personal Banking TOM and Technology ITOM. Establishing Strategy and Delivery Methodology to enable self-change (driven by in client SMEs and started by consultants) to create cultural and behavioural change. Developing Agile alternative to ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library), Portfolio and Programme Funding and Operational Passports.

  • 1 year and 4 months, Feb 2014 - May 2015

    Founder, Global Head of Digital Design

    Wipro Digital

    His areas of expertise include helping clients successfully implement business transformation, building internal or vendor teams at scale and setting service models utilising, omni-channel Design Consultancy (Customer Experience, User Experience, Interaction Design, Visual Design, Service Design, Creative Technology, Design Thinking, UI Development, Data Systems) across all customer touch points to champion the fully integrated customer experience for connected consumers.

  • 3 months, Dec 2013 - Feb 2014

    Global Head of User Experience and E-Learning

    Wipro Technologies

    Click to edit position descriptionFront End (UI) Development Services (CES) and E-Learning Consultancy with 600 staff. Services are focused on building user interfaces for enterprise software and creating e-learning solutions and digital content. Involved in setting up vendors for consulting services and recruiting in USA and Europe.

  • 1 year and 1 month, Nov 2012 - Nov 2013

    Global Head of Mobility UX


    Defined strategy for market capture based upon, management consulting methods, expert hiring and proposition definition. Built and managed a global team, building the biggest single concentration of user experience professional in one location (London) globally with 40 practitioners. Launched Enterprise User Experience in Accenture then created three service offerings; - experience consultancy - creative consultancy - product design consultancy

  • 10 months, Jan 2013 - Oct 2013

    Customer Experience SME for China

  • 7 months, Apr 2012 - Oct 2012

    Interim Head of Customer Experience

    Wood Mackenzie

  • 5 months, Nov 2011 - Mar 2012

    Interim Operational Change Architect

    Tesco Bank

  • 2 months, Oct 2011 - Nov 2011

    Interim Change Management Consultant


  • 9 months, Feb 2011 - Oct 2011

    Interim Head of User Experience, Finance Technology Change Program

    RBS Markets and International Banking

  • 6 months, Aug 2010 - Jan 2011

    Interim Information Architect and UCD Digital Strategist

    Deutsche Bank AG
  • 5 months, Mar 2010 - Jul 2010

    Interim Enterprise Transformation and Change Management Consultant


  • 6 months, Oct 2009 - Mar 2010

    Interim ScrumMaster and UCD Consultant

    Zoopla Property Group Plc

  • 5 months, May 2009 - Sep 2009

    Interim Enterprise Transformation and Change Management Consultant

    Oxford University Press

Educational background for Karl Smith

  • Current 3 years and 7 months, since May 2020

    Scaled Agile 5.0


  • 1 year and 1 month, Feb 2016 - Feb 2017

    Banking, Corporate, Finance, and Securities Law

    Chartered Institute of Bankers In Scotland

  • 1 year and 6 months, Sep 2004 - Feb 2006

    MSc Interactive Technologies for e-Commerce

    Edinburgh Napier University

  • 2 years and 10 months, Sep 1985 - Jun 1988

    BA Three Dimensional Design

    Middlesex University London

  • 10 months, Sep 1984 - Jun 1985

    Foundation Course

    Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication


  • English

    First language

  • French


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