Kelcy Roth


Angestellt, Principal, Executive English, Executive English, Kelcy Roth |

Cambridge, United States of America


English Coaching
Business English for Executives
English Communication for Meetings
Tailored English training for executives


Professional experience for Kelcy Roth

  • Current 26 years and 8 months, since Mar 1996

    Principal, Executive English

    Executive English, Kelcy Roth |

  • Current 27 years and 8 months, since Mar 1995

    Director of English Coaching Program

    MIT Sloan School of Management

Educational background for Kelcy Roth

  • English as a second language

    Columbia University


  • German


  • English

    First language

  • French



Executives who want to strengthen their English presentations write effective emails impact meeting discussions and decisions at meetings. Tailored for executives and managers who want to:
Organize presenation content for maximum impact using concise visuals; handle Q&A to strengthen your message.
Use key communication strategies: present a plan pitch alternative express opinions disagree in English.
Effective emails: concise clear correct


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