Kjell Otto

Freiberuflich / Selbstständig, Freelance Software Developer, Kjell Otto

Hamburg, Deutschland



Professional experience for Kjell Otto

  • Current , since Oct 2007

    Freelance Software Developer

    Kjell Otto

  • 6 years and 7 months, Jan 2011 - Jul 2017

    Software Developer and System Architect

    Fast Lane Institute for Knowledge Transfer GmbH - Deutschland

    I´m helping the IT to develop a full automatic lab deployment guided by the VMware APIs. To establish a full automatic mechanism, following technologies are involved: VMware ESXi, VMware vSphere and other software products from VMware. Additionaly the software will be used to automate Cisco hardware ranging from smallest models up to the Nexus 7k. I'm also doing the backend services used to delegate the actions to different locations. There is a lot of scripting and linux administration too... more infos pm

  • 2 years and 6 months, Aug 2014 - Jan 2017

    Helping Hand and out of the box thinker...

    UX Camp Hamburg

    I love to help out at this event, it's my way of thinking out of the box. The event is User Experience centered, hence the name UX, so I can try to have a look into a related but very different profession. The people are great and it's always a big fun to be part of it.

  • 1 year, Jan 2010 - Dec 2010

    Software Architecture Consultant

    Uniteam Marine Shipping GmbH

    I´m helping the house intern software development team regarding new techniques, deployment strategies and application development techniques.

  • 4 months, Jun 2009 - Sep 2009

    Bachelor of Science

    Plath GmbH

    I´ve continued the work from my thesis and taken advantage of another software part that has been convictioned into hardware.

  • 6 months, Jan 2009 - Jun 2009


    Plath GmbH

    I´ve written my bachelor thesis intern. The contents of that project cannot be named in detail for security purposes, but in general it was a conviction from a software part into hardware. I´ve leaned signal processing, hardware desingning and testing software and hardware in combination. I´ve finished that project and the thesis with 14/15 points.

  • 6 months, Jul 2008 - Dec 2008


    Plath GmbH

    I´ve written drivers for the quality management. The software was intended to be a tool for people that can´t program. It has console parameters and a GUI adapter for usability. It was written in Java and since than, it has been improved by another student after me. I´ve passed this project to a following student in order to write my bachelor thesis in the same firm, but another department.

  • 4 months, Oct 2007 - Jan 2008

    Software Developer

    eurodoc Sonovision-ITEP GmbH

    I´ve written a software that automatically checks the documentation for correction faults. It was a relatively small program with a lot of word workarrounds. I've used Visual Basic to implement that software, because of the best API documentation for Office. But it was also fun and my second application that payed the bills.

Educational background for Kjell Otto

  • 3 years and 9 months, Sep 2009 - May 2013

    Distributed Systems

    University of Applied Sciences Hamburg

  • 3 years and 3 months, Apr 2006 - Jun 2009

    Technical Informatics

    University of Applied Sciences Hamburg

    Hardware-, Microprocessor- and Software- Development


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