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Selbstständig, Dutch Lawyer | International Probate Researcher (Erbenermittler), TracersInternational.com (+31 85 060 4243 | info@zondervanlegal.nl)

Alphen aan den Rijn, Netherlands


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Professional experience for Klaas Zondervan

  • Current 1 year and 7 months, since Dec 2020

    Asset researcher in estate matters


    We carry out asset research both within the Netherlands and abroad at the request of notaries, laywers and others. We also conduct research at the request of and provide aid to creditors [of an estate or an heir] by identifying assets belonging to the estate which may be sold in order to settle the claim. Asset research is essential, not least because it determines the tax base for inheritance tax. Executors and court-appointed liquidators are jointly and severally liable for the payment of inheritance tax.

  • Current 1 year and 7 months, since Dec 2020

    Funerary custodian

    Grafrust.nl | custodian of (eternal) graves

    The Grafrust Netherlands Foundation preserves the burial rights of ('eternal') (family) graves and in doing so helps prevent these rights from expiring. By transferring your burial rights to the Foundation you are securing them for generation to come. Apart from this, it is possible to 'buy' a(n) ('eternal') grave through the Foundation and entrust the management thereof to the Foundation. For more information please visit our website (in Dutch only) contact us.

  • Current 2 years and 2 months, since May 2020

    Probate lawyer


    With DutchProbate.com we offer services to (descendants of) emigrants and expats of Dutch descent who stand to inherit from a Dutch estate. Often there is a situation where the heir cannot oversee their rights in relation to the estate, the executor and the heirs. There may also be a tense relationship with overseas family members. We provide our clients with substantive legal advice, assist them throughout the entire process and act as their proxy, whether or not in proceedings before the cantonal court.

  • Current 3 years and 10 months, since Sep 2018

    'De Erfgenaam' [The Heir] (expert of the program) RTL4

    Endemol Shine Group

    Sinds september 2018 I have been involved in the production of the TV-program 'De Erfgenaam' [The Heir], which will be broadcasted on RTL4 from September 2020 onward. In this program we locate beneficiaries to unclaimed estates both within the Netherlands and abroad. In doing so, we often encounter extraordinary family histories.

  • Current 4 years and 3 months, since Apr 2018

    Managing Partner

    Unclaimed Assets International LLP

    Unclaimed Assets International LLP engages in mediation between the holders of unclaimed funds and the claimants of those funds. We do this worldwide. This mediation concerns the money transaction that takes place as part of the claim. Said process may for instance relate to unclaimed inheritances, funds deriving from buyout procedures of minority stock or bankruptcy funds.

  • Current 7 years and 6 months, since Jan 2015

    Legal advisor and qualified mediator

    Zondervan Probate Lawyers

    Specialized in the Dutch inheritance law, we have a general law practice based in Alphen aan den Rijn, the Netherlands. We regularly offer expert legal advice to legatees and other creditors of the estate as well as heirs, executors and liquidators. Worth mentioning in particular is the large number of our clients that is domiciled abroad. Bearing this in mind, it comes as no surprise that our services fit seamlessly with the services offered by DutchProbate.com (see above).

  • Current 8 years and 2 months, since May 2014

    NOVEX-certified executor and liquidator & qualified mediator

    Luminis Executorship & Liquidations

    Luminis Executorship & Liquidations and Luminis Executors are trading names Stichting Luminis Nalatenschapsafwikkeling You can contact us: • To appoint us as the executor of your last will or trustee of your assets; • for the settlement of an estate as a replacement or additional executor or proxy; • for completing the 'legal liquidation' as is required after an inheritance is accepted beneficially; • the same after having been appointed as liquidator by the court; • mediation between heirs and creditors.

  • Current 8 years and 9 months, since Oct 2013

    Dutch Lawyer | International Probate Researcher (Erbenermittler)

    TracersInternational.com (+31 85 060 4243 | info@zondervanlegal.nl)

    A specialist in conducting (genealogical) research in countries such as Indonesia, Japan & China, TracersInternational.com participates in a worldwide network of probate genealogists and private investigators, making synergetic results achievable. We have been successfully providing our services to barristers and solicitors from around the world, focusing on determining the heirs according to a last will or the laws of intestacy. Lastly, the whereabouts of the beneficiaries are established.

  • 2 years and 10 months, Jun 2018 - Mar 2021

    Former general member of the Board

    Dutch Association of Legal Advisors (NVRA)

    The Dutch Association of Legal Advisors (NVRA) is one of the oldest legal professional association of the Netherlands. Founded in 1928, its members are active in various fields of law. What's more, Legal Advisors are specialists in litigation before the cantonal court. The NVRA is thé legal counterpart of The Netherlands Bar (NOvA). Many people do not realize that it is not always necessary to hire an attorney in case of a legal dispute or when initiating legal proceedings before the cantonal court.

  • 2013 - 2013

    Licensed Private Investigator

    Luminis Private Investigations

    Employment screening for multinationals and SMEs, amongst which in particular HR departments, headhunter agencies and the recruitment industry. In-depth employment screening may include any of the following aspects: • Address verification (as much as possible in accordance with BRP, formerly GBA); • identity verification; • validation of diploma's, certificates and degrees; • legitimacy of universities and colleges (Diploma Mills); • integrity statements; • work experience, references and referees; Etc.

Educational background for Klaas Zondervan

  • 3 months, 2020 - Mar 2020

    Competency certificate sworn translator Dutch-English

    KTV Education & Examination

    Passed the translation test in the direction of Dutch > English, taken within the framework for interpretation and translation tests of the Bureau Wbtv In conjunction with the certificate of competence English > Dutch this is equivalent to a Bachelor of Arts degree in Translation

  • 3 months, 2020 - Mar 2020

    Open Source Intelligence Analyst (module 2)


    Certified Open Source Intelligence Analyst

  • 2020 - 2020

    Open Source Intelligence Analyst (module 1)


  • 3 months, 2019 - Mar 2019

    Specialist Training in Estate Liquidation

    Family & Inheritance Law Institute Netherlands

    • Introduction to liquidations, the appointment and legal position of a liquidator, liquidation as a result of beneficial acceptance vs. appointment by the court; • in-depth court appointed liquidation - capita selecta, including: claims and debts of the estate, inheritance tax and other tax declarations; • liquidation and legal proceedings such as settlement, liquidation and distribution. Teachers: professors B.M.E.M. Schols, F.W.J.M. Schols and J.W.A. Biemans & cantonal judge T. Bennebroek

  • 2019 - 2019

    MfN accredited Basic Training course in Mediation (starting in July 2019)


    6-day accelerated Basic Training course in Mediation "In one week you will be ready for the exam, after which you can start your own practice or apply your skills to your daily activities. We provide an intense training meeting all of the requirements. You can become a mediator in 6 days. After completing the training you can be accredited as a mediator in order to be able to work as a Court Mediator and provide subsidized legal aid." Teachers: P.J. Tijssen LL.M. et al.

  • 2019 - 2019

    Competency certificate sworn translator English-Dutch

    KTV Education & Examination

    Passed the translation test in the direction of English > Dutch, taken within the framework for interpretation and translation tests of the Bureau Wbtv In conjunction with the certificate of competence Dutch > English this is equivalent to a Bachelor of Arts degree in Translation

  • 2018 - 2018

    Litigation in matters of succession

    Academy for Legal Practice

    Teachers: lawyers M.J.P. Schipper LL.M. and J.Th.M. Diks LL.M.

  • 2018 - 2018

    Provision of data from the Key Register of Persons (BRP)


  • 2018 - 2018

    Practical settlement of estates

    SDU Legal Education

    Teachers: lawyer P.G. Knoppers LL.M. and professor A.H.N. Stollenwerck

  • 2017 - 2017

    Insolvent estates

    LexLumen - Legal and tax education

    Teacher: professor J.W.A. Biemans

  • 2017 - 2017

    Specialist Training in Estate Planning

    SDU Licent Academy

    • Inheritance law, grants; • matrimonial property law; • business succession; • international estate planning; • asset protection; • estate planning and income tax; • estate planning and retirement provision; • settlement of estates.

  • 2014 - 2014

    Legal liquidation

    Kluwer Education, Utrecht

    Teachers: professor A.H.N. Stollenwerck and dr. W.J.J.G. Speetjens LL.M.

  • 2014 - 2014

    Course in Authentic Speaking

    The Needs (Piet Hurkmans)

  • 2013 - 2013

    Basic Training in Succession Laws

    Dutch Association for Executors (NOVEX), Utrecht

  • 2013 - 2013

    Course in executorship

    Dutch Association for Executors (NOVEX), Utrecht

    Teachers: professors B.M.E.M. Schols and T.J. Mellema-Kranenburg, lawyer P.G. Knoppers LL.M., estate planner J.D.H. van Ewijk LL.M., notarial lawyer J. Nijenhuis-Wildervanck LL.M. and estate manager O.A. Balkenende

  • 2013 - 2013

    Private investigator


  • 2003 - 2003

    General Banking Course

    NIBE-SVV Education, Amsterdam

  • 2003 - 2003

    Course in organizational psychology

    University of Applied Sciences INHOLLAND, Rotterdam

  • 2002 - 2003

    Financial Services Management (2nd year Management, Economics and Law)

    NHL University of Applied Sciences

    GPA 3.57 Organization and Management, Corporate Law, Marketing of Services, E-marketing, Financial Management, Consumer Insurance, General Course in Banking, Commercial Skills and Business Plan

  • 2001 - 2003

    Dutch Laws, Civil

    University of Groningen

    Member of: The Dutch United Nations Student Association (DUNSA)


  • Dutch

    First language

  • English


  • German





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