Klaus Mauritius

Angestellt, Senior Software Developer, red6 enterprise software GmbH

Hamburg, Germany


Software Development
Object Oriented Design
Software Project Management
Distributed Systems
Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
Web Application Development
Shell Scripting
Agile Methodologies
Continuous Delivery
Cloud Computing
Leading Distributed Teams
People Management


Professional experience for Klaus Mauritius

  • Current 10 years and 5 months, since Mar 2014

    Senior Software Developer

    red6 enterprise software GmbH
  • 1 year and 6 months, Sep 2012 - Feb 2014

    Architect and Senior Software Manager Oracle VDI

  • 2 years and 2 months, Jul 2010 - Aug 2012

    Technical Lead Oracle VDI

  • 5 years and 2 months, Jul 2005 - Aug 2010

    Technical Lead Sun VDI

    Sun Microsystems

    Sun Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is a complete solution for virtualized desktop environments supporting the deployment and management of server-hosted desktops that users can access from a wide range of client devices (Sun Ray client, RDP client, web browser via Sun Secure Global Desktop). It provides centralized system administration, and flexibility in the choice of desktop operating systems and virtualization platforms (VirtualBox, VMware, Hyper-V, Remote Desktop Services).

  • 2 years and 1 month, Jul 2005 - Jul 2007

    Staff Engineer Sun Ray

    Sun Microsystems

    Sun Ray is an ultra-thin client solution, which provides customers with an interoperable desktop computing solution that reduces the maintenance, upgrade, and operational costs associated with most PC-based environments. The system employs a network-dependent model in which Sun Ray clients (hardware and software clients) connect to Sun Ray servers, where all the desktop applications are executed. The clients themselves are stateless and simply act as display devices.

  • 2 years and 7 months, Jan 2003 - Jul 2005

    Senior Software Engineer Java Desktop System

    Sun Microsystems

    Java Desktop System (JDS) is a GNOME-based desktop environment. It includes standard applications such as e-mail, calendar, office suite, web browser, and instant messaging. JDS is the default desktop for the Solaris operating system.

  • 3 years and 7 months, Jun 2000 - Dec 2003

    Software Engineer Star Office

    Sun Microsystems

    StarOffice / OpenOffice.org (nowadays Apache OpenOffice) is one of the most successful and extensive open-source projects and includes a free of charge office productivity suite with applications for word processing, spreadsheet, drawing and presentation.

Educational background for Klaus Mauritius

  • 6 years and 2 months, Oct 1993 - Nov 1999

    Elektrotechnik / Technische Datenverarbeitung

    Universität Siegen / University of Siegen


  • German

    First language

  • English



Riding Motorcycle
Ballroom Dancing
Fitness Training

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