Lena Gustafsson Skarphagen

Owner, Interim Manager, Cert. Integrativ Coach and Mentor, skarphagenVISION AB

Älvsjö, Sweden


Provides coaching for individuals
leaders / managers and teams. Interim management with a focus on sales. Although support and advice. Are you interested in developing yourself and develop your team / group coaching is an effective and good self-help. The goal is that you as an individual both to feel and perform better and will develop and reach your full potential. We provide an opportunity to try out the integrative coaching in different areas. See our cooperation as a means to identify and reach your goals as well as a support for you / the company in the process. Also provides interim management with a focus on sales. This is about to go in as support for a shorter or longer periods. Working with teams
manage projects
build sales with various activities. There are great advantages in combining extensive experience in sales in several different roles in several organizations with experience in coaching and mentoring. Proffessioner: Senior Manager / Sales Manager
Project Manager
Recruitment Consultant
Key Account Manager
Sales / Team Leader
Finance Manager
Office Manager. Examples of industries: Advisory / Outsourcing in Accounting
Staffing / Recruitment
Telecom As Interim Manager / Sales Manager
my focus is to lead and drive with "kind eyes". Creating value for customers and employees. Build dynamic teams
working with motivation and keep it. In order to create results that generate and drive revenue in the short and long term. I'm coaching in the way I lead
dissipate energy and let employees and colleagues CREATE. It is important to create truly dynamic organizations. As a coach
I have experience working with development and change processes. Work today with groups and individuals in both municipal and private activities
with leadership issues
group dynamics
development and change processes. As a mentor add I a strong focus on employees and managers involved in sales.


Professional experience for Lena Gustafsson Skarphagen

  • Current , since Sep 2010

    Interim Manager, Cert. Integrativ Coach and Mentor

    skarphagenVISION AB

    As Interim Manager / Sales Manager, my focus is to lead and drive with "kind eyes". Build dynamic teams, working with motivation and keep it. In order to create results that generate and drive revenue in the short and long term. It is important to create truly dynamic organizations. As a coach, I have experience working with development and change processes. Work today with groups and individuals with leadership issues, group dynamics, development and change. As a mentor I add a focus on employees in sales

  • 2 years and 4 months, Dec 2008 - Mar 2011

    Senior Manager Advisory Sweden

    Mirror Accounting AB

    Employed as a Senior Manager Advisory Sweden. The focus and primary responsibility has been the establishment of business advisory and 50% Outsourcing Services. I have in my proffession had a total budget of responsibility and is the one that led up activities to potential customers. The tasks include pure client meetings, workshops and other activities that promote and create revenue. Where I also attended some of the time. I myself helped to create partnerships with a number of large companies.

  • 11 months, Jan 2008 - Nov 2008

    Business- and recruitment consultant

    G-son Konsult

    Had my own business in the mission as a business consultant, business-critical resource supply in the commercial areas of Management Consulting, Recruit and Recourse. Performed the entire recruitment process myself and when it was a major task, we worked in teams. Collaborated with management teams and provided managers and specialists mainly in marketing, sales, customer service.

  • 10 months, Jan 2007 - Oct 2007

    Marketing & Sales Key Account Manager

    Lernia Bemanning AB

    Marketing / KAM - selling Lernias entire product portfolio - Staffing, training, rehabilitation and restructuring. Worked at the strategic level with a number of medium and large companies in the Stockholm area. Developed and worked out solutions to what concerned the competence of customers, staffing - training through recruitment programs such as truck drivers, CNC operators, installers and Property Maintenance. Also worked with the recruitment activities of groups of tasks including truck drivers

  • 1 year, Jan 2006 - Dec 2006

    Regional Manager

    Teknologisk Institut

    Restarting the sales platform and new start of the region with the relationship-building activities, selling of TI's entire product portfolio - skills in engineering and management. Business development and strategic working mainly at the management of large and medium-sized enterprises in the region of eastern Sweden, including Stockholm. Helped to increase sales in 2007, prepared by a number of major agreements, one of them, such as Ericsson Sweden.

  • 5 years and 6 months, Oct 2000 - Mar 2006

    National Key Account Sales, Teamleader, Projectleader

    Proffice Sverige AB

    National Large Enterprise Sales / Project Manager - sale of Proffice's entire product portfolio with an emphasis on construction-industry technology, real estate and machinery business of Stockholm and the rest of the country. Framework contract writing and negotiation. Ran in parallel a number of projects with training activities and recruitment programs to get people who have been unemployed for work. Regions Sellers / Team Leader for the Construction and Property team, the coaching of employees.

  • 6 years and 6 months, Jan 1992 - Jun 1998

    Finance Manager

    Service Åström AB

    Responsible for the development of the accounting department at the newly formed company. Responsibilities: current accounts. accounting and reconciliation for financial statements. Economy Systems Scala. Staff responsibility for six employees, payroll, billing, tax accounting, tax returns. Where also responsible for sales of mobile phone accessories to both retail customers and dealers.

Educational background for Lena Gustafsson Skarphagen

  • 1 year and 6 months, May 2009 - Oct 2010

    Certifierad Integrativ Coach

    Coach2Coach Academy

    Master Practtioner Coaching Certifierad Integrativ Coach

  • 1 year and 4 months, Jan 2001 - Apr 2002

    Sälj- Marknadsföring

    IHM School

    Key Account Management Marknadsföring + taktisk Marknadsföring Affärsekonomi Affärsjuridik Taktisk säljplan/projektarbete


  • Swedish

    First language

  • English



Interim management - sales. Support - sales
Advice - sales
Coaching individuals
Coaaching leaders
Coaching teams
Manage projects - sales
Build sales
Mentoring - sales
Training Sales skills
Leadership training
Group Dynamics
Solution Selling


My main interest is to work with people in various groups and organizations. I travel a lot
mostly to Asia. Working out also - dance (African)
running in the woods. Is also working on getting a green card in golf - completed in April / May
I hope. Then of course the family an important part of my life. The trips are made mainly with the family.

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