Marcel Flaig

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About me

i do circuit and PCB-design. I like esoteric programming languages and you can always count me in on a extreme programming session. I love writing high performance dsp and big data applications,helping with sec issues, advertising deniable encryption, OWASP rules, cryptoanarchy, and exploiting webstuff. You can find me at meetups, hackathons and demo scene events, doing recursion, quines, and iterative design, supporting open source soft- and hardware, inovating with hilariously futuristic ideas or generating some repetitive demo art. Ofc i like scripting with the usual suspects and i also enjoy implementing HA and container solutions. I really love maths in general, but especially Riemann Hypothesis, Mersenne Primes, (inverse)FFT,Elliptic Curve Cryptography. I'm a professional databasedesigner and architect, I also got experience writing self compiling compilers and parsers, using ML, Prediction, BigData Analysis and creating OSs/kernels.


Oracle DB


Professional experience for Marcel Flaig

  • Current 6 years and 3 months, since Jan 2018

    Database Specialist

    Börse Stuttgart
  • Current 18 years and 5 months, since Nov 2005


  • 5 years and 1 month, Jan 2013 - Jan 2018


    Stadtverwaltung Pforzheim

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