Mark Lindhout

Freelance DevOps & Software Engineer —

Selbstständig, Lead Software Engineer & Process Person, Univention GmbH

Rendsburg, Germany

About me

Hi, my name is Mark — I’m an experienced software developer and devops engineer. I love all kinds of optimization, and to build beautiful, reliable web applications which perform well. I started developing back in 1998, and have gathered lots of experience since then. My skills include JavaScript, Node.js, Vue.js, PHP, WordPress, DevOps, Docker, AWS, Ansible, and many more.


Senior Developer
Team Lead
Continuous Integration
Continuous Delivery


Professional experience for Mark Lindhout

  • Current 10 months, since Sep 2022

    Lead Software Engineer & Process Person

    Univention GmbH
  • Current 10 years and 6 months, since Jan 2013

    DevOps Engineer & Software Developer (Freelance)

    M.P. Lindhout

    As a freelancer, I help companies find solutions through technology — Usable, high-performing web sites are my specialty. Lately I've helped companies to optimize their workflow, gather data, and optimize their IT-infrastructure. When your IT-services and applications are like spaghetti, I can help you untangle them, clean them up, and make it all faster.

  • 6 months, Apr 2022 - Sep 2022

    Lead Software Engineer

    Bitly Europe GmbH

  • 7 months, Nov 2019 - May 2020

    DevOps-Engineer & Senior Software-Developer (Freelance)

    Agency Software

    Core skills: Linux, Ansible, GitHub, Node.js, Vue.js; For this project, I set up a web application from scratch, including data imports, installation, and deployments. I built DevOps tooling to reliably deploy and install the application, as well as provision the servers it is running on. The application itself is based on the Node.js framework Sails.js. I worked on this development of an API-based web application, used for warehouse and order management at large distributors of promotional materials.

  • 8 months, Apr 2019 - Nov 2019

    DevOps Engineer (Freelance)

    Europace AG

    Technologies used: LXD, LXC, Docker, Rocket, rkt, Docker Swarm, Kubernetes, Mesos, Ansible, Python, Linux, Vagrant, Shell, Virtualbox. In this project at Europace AG, I work with the Solutions team to improve the setup and roll-out of their microservices. I help them optimize and improve their workflow, and to make their service delivery more robust and reliable.

  • 4 months, Jan 2019 - Apr 2019

    Build Optimization Consultant (Freelance)

    Europace AG

    Technologies used: Ansible, Docker, AWS, Continuous Integration (CI), Teamcity, Git, Bash, XML, Maven, Linux. At Europace I work with the local build-pipeline heroes to improve, optimize, and modularize their CI-pipelines. I help implement Gitflow as a development strategy, and collect and spread knowledge about development, best practices, optimization, and other CI-related subjects.

  • 5 months, Jun 2018 - Oct 2018

    Senior JavaScript Developer (Freelance)

    Bundesdruckerei GmbH

    At the Bundesdruckerei I develop user interfaces for applications that do not have one yet. I use various wireframing and design tools. The applications are implemented using various common front-end technologies. Technologies: Object-Oriented Vanilla JavaScript, WebSockets, Browser Extensions, Python, Bash, GIT, SSL, FFMPEG video encoding and video transcoding, wireframing, UI design.

  • 6 months, Feb 2018 - Jul 2018

    Senior JavaScript Developer (Freelance)

    Nowtilus Onlinevertriebsgesellschaft mbH

    Development of the Nemo Bridge application, its deployment work-flows, and the implementation of a continuous integration and continuous deployment setup. Nemo Bridge is used to manage media-, metadata- and transcoding-services that deliver live TV streams, video-on-demand and video advertisements. Technologies: Node.js, Ansible, SSH, Git, Linux, FFMpeg, GPAC, APIs, JSON, REST.

  • 1 year and 3 months, Jan 2017 - Mar 2018

    Senior Software Developer (Freelance)

    aklamio GmbH

    I’ve developed several JavaScript libraries for Aklamio’s white-label referral portals. These libraries communicate with in-house Ruby APIs, and offer advertisers users registration, login, and user-to-user recommendations. The content management part of this application has been developed using WordPress. At Aklamio I have also developed the Cashbar browser extension for Chrome and Firefox browsers. This extension allows recommendations, logins, and account registration from within your web browser.

  • 3 months, Aug 2016 - Oct 2016

    Front-End Developer (Freelance)

    Publicis Pixelpark

    At Pixelpark I work on front-end projects within a team of designers, back-end developers and quality assurance engineers. Technologies used: GIT, Bash, Debian, Virtualbox, Vagrant, Javascript, jQuery, Node.js, Gulp, PostCSS, CSS3, HTML5.

  • 1 month, Aug 2016 - Aug 2016

    Optimization for Varnish, NginX, and Front-End code (Freelance)

    aklamio GmbH

    For Aklamio, I analyzed the web stack and reported issues and solutions. I reported practical performance solutions for Varnish Cache and NginX, but also for improved JavaScript performance in Aklamio’s widely-used social widget. A combination of improved cache configuration, better web stack performance and improvements to the client-side code will greatly extend the lifetime of the application as well as the hardware it’s running on. It will save bandwidth, power, and reduce client-side requirements.

  • 5 months, Mar 2016 - Jul 2016

    WordPress DevOps (Freelance)

    Sparkassen-Finanzportal GmbH

    At the SFP I currently work on creating, testing and maintaining the developer workflow for WordPress-based sites. This workflow is based on Ansible, and is used in Continuous Integration (CI) servers for deploying WordPress-based sites, maintaining server integrity, and handling access control, load balancing, etc. Technologies used for this project: Ansible, Varnish, Nginx, WordPress, GIT, PHP, Node.js.

  • 2 months, Mar 2016 - Apr 2016

    WordPress Plug-In Developer (Freelance)

    Sparkassen-Finanzportal GmbH

    At SFP I developed several WordPress plug-ins that are actively being used on their Intranet. These plug-ins hooked into a SOAP webservice and performed various verification actions to ensure high data quality. A special focus in these projects was digital security and data protection. Technologies used for this project: WordPress, PHP, Javascript, Grunt, JPM, NPM, GIT.

  • 2 months, Jan 2016 - Feb 2016

    Browser Extension developer (Freelance)

    aklamio GmbH

    For Aklamio I completely re-developed their existing browser-extension for the Chrome and Firefox platforms. I rebuilt their workflow, so that they can now do updates and fixes, test in target browser, and have a working browser extension in minutes. All completely automated. Technologies used for this project: Javascript, Grunt, JPM, NPM, Firefox, Chrome, jQuery, URI.js, GIT.

  • 1 year, Aug 2014 - Jul 2015

    Senior Front-End Developer (Freelance)

    SavingGlobal GmbH

  • 1 year and 4 months, Apr 2013 - Jul 2014

    Senior Front-End Developer (Freelance)

    ImmobilienScout24 GmbH

    I work closely with the back-end, design/UX departements, and my front-end web developer colleagues. I've introduced several optimizations and technologies into the daily workings of the front-end team, such as integrating a prototype build process with Node.js and Grunt; optimizing images with Optipng, Advpng and Imagew; Javascript code quality tools JSHint, JSLint. Together with the front-end team we've developed the core.css framework that allows quick, easy and reliable creation of IS24 branded pages.

  • 10 months, Aug 2013 - May 2014

    CTO, Co-founder

    Duitslandnieuws is a platform for news about the Dutch-German trade relationship. My function here is to build a secure and reliable IT-infrastructure: Web server, email services, publishing platform, news aggregator, social media integration. I take care of the web design and do usability quality assurance for the platform. Next to that, I'm responsible for the development of email templates, and for keeping it all together with lots of duct tape and paperclips.

  • 2 years and 10 months, May 2011 - Feb 2014

    Front-End Developer (Freelance)

    Het Webambacht

    Het Webambacht is a collective of freelancers from the Netherlands. I fill the role of concept developer, designer and coder; a sort of all-round Front-End developer and designer with a healthy dose of system administration. Here, I take care of the complete package; from strategy development to design, from development to actual hosting. I work together with professionals in copywriting, illustration, photography, video production and on-line marketing to complete my skills.

  • 3 months, Dec 2012 - Feb 2013

    Front-End Developer (Freelance)

    JustBook Mobile GmbH

    As a freelance Front-end developer at JustBook I helped build the new web application for booking last-minute hotel stays. The work consisted of closely working with the back-end team and product owners. Skills used: HTML5, Javascript, CSS, and some Django-templating as well.

  • 11 years and 10 months, Mar 2001 - Dec 2012

    Senior JavaScript Developer, DevOps Engineer (Freelance)

    M.P. Lindhout

    Ich bin ein Javascript-, Front-End-, und Browser-Extension-Entwickler aus Berlin. Meine Leidenschaft ist es, schöne, zuverlässige Web-Software zu machen, die stabil und leicht zu benutzen ist. Dazu benutze ich Open Source Software und meine lange Erfahrung im Fachbereich. Mein Lebenslauf und weitere Infos finden sie unter

Educational background for Mark Lindhout

  • 7 years and 1 month, Aug 1999 - Aug 2006

    Mixed Media

    AKI, Enschede

    Conceptual art, Installation art


  • German


  • English


  • Dutch

    First language


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Continuous Integration
Continous Delivery

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