Massimo Scalzo's haves

  • and align participants around specific goals and results. Ultimately I am one who offers an how-you-think alternative against the what-you-know rigidity of traditional program/project management and can help drive positive Changes. Design Thinking is about the journey and not the destination
  • rigid thinking
  • Telecom
  • Retail and Management Empowerment Coaching industries. Gained decisive insight into the company improving-creation-process. Energized peers and stakeholders to exceed their potential and motivating organizations to achieve great results. Perceived the best value-added concept to soar efficiency and translated it into an all-involving action. Leveraged subject matter expertise to identify best market opportunities. Specialties: Customer-Driven Transformation Breakthrough Innovations of Meanings and Technology Design-Driven Processes Program Management Project Management Organizational Change Communication Process Creation Requirements Gathering Relations
  • propensity toward tunnel vision
  • Tourism
  • Beyond specific experiences
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Massimo Scalzo's wants

  • framework
  • specialises in the definition of complex cross-industry customer-driven Design-Thinking based blueprints
  • revitalized
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Massimo Scalzo's professional experience

8 years
8 months
10/2010 - to present
Co-Founder CEO
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Managing Partner
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4 years
6 months
09/1996 - 02/2001
Principal Consultant
3 years
2 months
07/1993 - 08/1996
Senior Consultant
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Massimo Scalzo's educational background

  • 03/1989 - 03/1990
    Institut fur Lehre und Forschung in den Industriellen Wissenschaften - St Gallen
    Managing Processes, MBA
    Technology, Processes and Operations Management
  • 09/1979 - 07/1988
    State University of Milan - Italy
    Scienze dell´Informazione - Science of Computer, Doctorate
    Enterprise Information Systems

Massimo Scalzo speaks the following languages:

  • German (Fluent)
  • English (Fluent)
  • Spanish (Fluent)
  • French (Basic knowledge)
  • Italian (First language)
  • Polish (Basic knowledge)