Murat Yesil

Owner, manager, Pegasus group

Ningbo, China


To whom it may concern
Day by day it is becoming hard to make trading in the competitive business market of the world
and this hard situation canalize us to find new sources and expectations.It is very important in this field to find the good quality product with the competitive price and keep your quality always on the same level without any decrease. There are thousands of foreign investors and companies do or want to do trading with China and take the advantages of the CHINESE market. But also there are some disadvantages and risks to make trading with China as many of the investors hesitate to do as well. Now we have an offer for you ; Let us be your puchase office in China! Let us do your purchases
imports and all follow-up works in China and we can guarantee your purchases with the official agreements we make with the Chinese suppliers. You choose the product sort and the quality and we find the most suitable supplier for you. We do the bargain
quality control and shipment as your China office! With our office in Ningbo - China and our experienced office staff
we give the service of product inquiries
quality control
shipping follow-up etc. On the one side we will be your eye in China


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who want to cooperation with china
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