Dr. Patrick Bos

Freiberuflich, Data Scientist, (Research) Software Engineer, Consultant, Bos Data Science

Groningen, Netherlands


Professional experience for Patrick Bos

  • Current 5 years, since Jan 2019

    Data Scientist, (Research) Software Engineer, Consultant

    Bos Data Science

    Experienced data scientist, coder and consultant, looking for ways to advance human knowledge and productivity. Always excited to learn about new fields and solving the complex problems they face. Technical strengths: modeling (Bayesian, physical), Python, C++, statistics, high performance computing, parallelization, data mining. Track record in Astrophysics (PhD), Particle Physics, Media History, Natural Language Processing. Open to projects in similar fields, or in business, finance or medical science.

  • Current 9 years and 5 months, since Aug 2014

    eScience Research Engineer

    Netherlands eScience Center

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