Photi Bouris

Inhaber, CEO/OWNER, TCBXtreme SAL (Offshore)

Baabda, Libanon


Professional experience for Photi Bouris

  • Current , since Jun 2008


    VirtuWIFLI {A Division of TCBXtreme}

    This division is in Green technology advancement and retail of Green products. VirtuWiFli is a business concern and concept in the making.

  • Current , since Apr 2008


    Virtuworld {A Division of TCBXtreme}

    "The on fire; forms are on fire; eye consciousnes is on fire; impresions by the eye are on fire; and whatever sensation, pleasant, unpleasent, or indifferent, originates in dependence on impressions received by the eye..." Siddharththa Gautama said that 2,500 years ago.. Little could he have known how aptly and important that applies to what I call friendly user inter-face or graphic/web portal logistics throughout all mediums of technology.

  • Current , since Apr 2008


    Virtuyfy (A Division of TCBXtreme)

    I can now call it a specialized division fully fledge to mobile communication, software creation, development, distribution, sales and the horizontal expansion of existing abilities in graphic design fused with the wireless industry etc.

  • Current , since Feb 2008


    Virtual Entertainment { A Division of TCBXtreme}

    To better focus on the needs of diverse customers with specialize needs I have decided to fragment our consultation and guidance division into their speciality fields.

  • Current , since Nov 2007


    TCBXtreme SAL (Offshore)

    The culmination of accumulated experience and expertise is, if cultivated with virtue the strength to be able to wisely rethink anyway issue with the focused clarity that ’The world is but a canvas to our imagination‚’ ’determine that the thing can be done and shall be done, then we shall find the way.' 'The reasonable man adapts himself to the world. The unreasonable man adapts the world to himself. All progress depends upon the unreasonable man.' G. B. Shaw.

  • Current , since Oct 2007


    TCBXtreme SAL (Offshore)

    It is in portal logistics and chain flow of software, hardware and product that, that is where the soul of corporations, market understanding, and e-Commerce lie. It is within the unseen portal of product/market discorded synergy, due its intrinsic indigent nature to evolve that necessitates alignment of consistency through fusion for and of all mediums; therein lies the portal to the attainting the future and its dominance ... new markets ...Consultation to what you want seen from out of the box.

  • Current , since Oct 2007


    TCBXtreme SAL (Offshore)

    Evolution is by nature revolutionary powered by wisdom and and open eye! It is not a war just an awakening that choice is not an illusion, and creativity and evolution is the future ... it is life. Virtual Visionary Architecture is the understanding of what I coined, GLOBAL VIRTUAL PORTAL FUSION: the ability to master a creative philosophy of acceptance and readiness of the Chaos Theory for markets, needs, desires, trends, fads, culture, resources, etc and mankind ... VIRTUENTRA, home to GVPF.

  • Current , since 2005



    This is headed by my partner, Dimitri Tsantilis (my brother-in-law). Only recently launched as a independent company form the Tsantilis shops in Greece which he almost solely expanded 8 fold in 7 years. We now have some agencies ranging form Cottonfield

  • Current , since 2000

    Co/owner Director

    Sorepla Industrie

    One of the world leading reclamation of plastic waste recycling, producing flakes, granules, Pet, HDPE, based in France. With our current capacity and intent to increase to keep up with demand, we are France's leading plastic recycling plant if Europe's also.

  • Current , since 1995


    Fushe Kruje Cement Factory

    Fushe Kruje Cement Factory located 35 km from the capital Tirana, a new dry process 1,300,000 t/y cement line (equivalent of 3,300t/day kiln) rebuilt with IFC/EBRD tomeets EU Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control (IPPC) Directive’s Best Available Technology (BAT) and World Bank environmental guidelines, including dust, SO2, and NOx emission limit levels. FKCF is ISO 9001 Quality Assurance and has ISO 14001 Environmental Management System certifications. Expansion is in study.

  • Current , since 1994


    Atlas Digital SA Greece

    Agents for Roland in Greece & Balkans in CAM and Digital Printing, and also represents Multicam Inc., Universal Laser Systems, d.gen, Colorspan, Gelcore as well as giant inkjet printing media making companies.

  • Current , since 1994

    Co-Owner/Unofficial Director

    Aeromaritime Systembau

    Development, design, manufacturing and turn-key systems of military communications and IFF systems for naval warships defense and naval applications as well as maritime safety. Services range from capabilities from fixed or ground communications stations to total communication networks.

  • Current , since 1993


    Seabulk Shipping SA

    MD from purchasing to vessel repairs, crew to the logistical supply of all our operations. Seabulk Shipping owns and operates the largest specialized cement shipping fleet in the world with over 22 in-housed specialized pneumatic & mechanical vessels and floating cement terminals.

  • Current , since 1993

    Director/Co-owner; CEO/Global purchasing, Logistics & Trading

    Seament International SAL

    Cement global purchaser, supply newly developing Gulf cement shortage crisis dealing with Ultra-Tech, Conch, Raysut Cement, Mitsui, Mitsubishi; purchasing, proposing new ideas,ecame the link with the trading arms of the big 4, like Cementia handling contracts, l/c's etc. became cement quality expert

  • Current , since 1990

    Director/Co-owner VP

    Director/Partner at Management Enterprises LTD

    Management Enterprises is a cement trading company in Lagos Nigeria which handles quantities of cement with it's own transportation company. It used to be the leading company until the market dropped and a J/V was formed with Flour Mills on importation. We however maintained the valuable port real-estate in anticipation of the import license being lifted.

  • Current , since 1990


    Managing Director/Co-Owner/ at Knorr Construction LTD

    Handling turn-key operations with banks form building housing for staff, reclamation of lagoon projects which we turned part into a yacht marina and club and on the another reclaimed land we built and leased the to the Goette Institute. Furthermore we carried out extensive repairs, pilling, foundation strengthening, pier and jetty constructions, and quay construction and reparation to various port assets.

  • Current , since 1985

    Founder Partner/Shareholder


    Co/owner of the company that pioneered the development and helped write the State laws in refunding in our effort to contribute to a cleaner environment, and was part of our Group before we went public with it.

  • 1994 - 1997


    Virgin Megastores - Greece

    We brought Virgin Megastores to Greece which we handled from concept to implementation. The partnership eroded in murky, illicit corporate back stabbing. Unfortunately, I saw it happening one year in advance as I was financial advisor/controller for our part, and warned unbelieving ears. Due to circumstances best left unsaid, the crooks won, we lost money, and as a result Virgin Megastores in Greece is as limp as Apple in Greece; a shadow of what they could have been, now being outdone by anyone.

  • 1994 - 1997


    Virgin Airlines - Greece

    With Virgin Megastores, we also brought to Greece Virgin Airlines. We ran it for a while, and .... well, it followed the Megastores route.

Educational background for Photi Bouris

  • 1985 - 1989

    International Businesses

    Pepperdine University

  • 1983 - 1985


    Tasis Hellenic College, Greece

    General studies, graduated with GPA 4.0, SAT

  • 1977 - 1983

    Ceneral A & O levels

    Prior Park College, Bath, England


  • English


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