Ralf Bürger

designing "Processes as Requirements" (PaR)

Freelancer, Designer of Development Processes, Ralf Bürger - Systematic Software Engineering

Hattingen, Germany


PFE (Product-Family-Engineering)
Systematische Softwareentwicklung
Scrum (CSM)
PLE (Product-Line-Engineering)


Professional experience for Ralf Bürger

  • Current , since Dec 2019

    Designer of Development Processes

    Ralf Bürger - Systematic Software Engineering

    Focusing on a dedicated methodical approach to design "Processes as Requirements" (PaR). This approach brings processes where they belong: into the teams - in an agile and systematic way, scalable from a simple single process up to a complete process platform for product line engineering. Checking for compliance, completeness and maturity becomes easier, as well as improving the processes from the teams for the teams. See "The Booklet" or "The Book" on

  • 8 years and 3 months, Oct 2011 - Dec 2019


    Ralf Bürger - Systematic Software Engineering

    At HELLA I created the Variant Development Process (VDP), supporting feature development in a platform, reusing them into customer projects. With a team of coaches we applied it to 5 product families in international locations. In 2019 I established a more systematic and efficient approach to manage the issues for a Battery Management System (BMS) project for the EVs of a major German OEM. In parallel starting in 2018 I supported developing a development process landscape for another automotive supplier.

  • 11 years and 1 month, Oct 2000 - Oct 2011

    Senior Consultant Software Engineering

    Die Software-Architekten GmbH

    Creating a multi project management software for a huge infrastructure project, planned for 25 years with budget of 5 billion Euro for about 1500 sub-projects. I took the jobs of PJM, RE and Database-Design for this project and we built and maintained that software in an agile fashion, always adapting it to the ever changing needs. In parallel I helped HELLA to bring software development into their automotive business by setting up processes in the context of SPICE.

  • 2 years, Oct 1998 - Sep 2000

    Segmentmanager Software-Engineering und Standortleiter Essen

    GfN AG

    Establishing a department for software development and IT consulting in a fast-growing Microsoft CTEC, finally getting procuration. Joining the „New Market“ (EU stock market for internet stuff). To quickly satisfy the global need I got the position as division manager for Software Engineering for all our 14 locations. Well, in August 2000 we crashed as one of the first on the New Market.

  • 6 years, Oct 1992 - Sep 1998


    AnyWare Computertechnik

    Doing lots of individual software for real estate, a distillery, fish markets, wholesale, a hardware store, a rest home, orthopedics, etc., also bringing in specially assembled PCs and servers, connected in LANs. Later solving problems of others in project-, risk-, requirements- and test management. Since the same problems came up again and again I started to give trainings to help as much people as possible. Quickly I didn’t do anything else anymore and I started to work out curricula.

  • 8 years and 6 months, Apr 1984 - Sep 1992

    Projektleiter in der Softwareentwicklung

    B&S Multisoft (Bongartz+Schmidt Datentechnik)

    Bringing word processing to typewriters, with memory, displays, function keys, etc. Creating PC standard software: full-screen word processor, database with simple forms, nice spreadsheets, switching from characters to graphics to enable fonts and diagrams. Years later Microsoft finally made the run.

Educational background for Ralf Bürger

  • 6 months, Oct 1983 - Mar 1984


    Uni Bochum

    quick and dirty ;-)


  • German

    First language

  • English



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