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  • 27 years
    10 months
    07/1986 - present

    expert of future-sciences

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  • 1990 - present

    speaker of future-studies


  • 1984 - present

    author of science-fictions


  • 1982 - present

    teacher of megatrends to future trends


  • 1980 - 2000

    trendscout for consumer trends

    Trend(scout)-Academy & Future-University

Roman Retzbach's educational background

  • 07/1986 - 07/1990


    future-sciences, master

    futuristic, futurology, future-research, futures-studies

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  • German

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  • Chinese

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  • Future

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  • director of futures-studies international

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  • My books, studies & topics

    •Future-Dictionary / ZukunftsLexikon, Future-Institute, 2004 (new 2016)
    •Future-Sciences / ZukunftsWissenschaften, Future-Institute, 2008 (new 2015)
    •Future-Studies / ZukunftsForschung, Future-Institute, 2006 (new 2015)
    •Future-Life / ZukunftsLeben – how we live, love & work tomorrow, Future-Institute, 2001 (new 2014)

    2004 year of technologies & politics
    2005 year of economy
    2006 year of golden consumers & consumption
    2007 year of the new EUrope
    2008 year of health & clone
    2009 year of stock exchanges & world finance
    2010 year of the beginning global age & wealth
    2011 year of religions
    2012 year of environment & catastrophes
    2013 year of smart terror war & robo sapiens
    2014 year of digital life
    2015 year of super-aged society
    2016 year of fit-wellness, cloning & health
    2017 year of the new Arab world
    2018 year of the new African Union
    2019 year of new super-power russia
    2020 yellow year of super-nations china-japan alliance
    2021 year of environment & catastrophes
    2022 year of the extraterrestial one

    books & studies in many languages (english, german, chinese,...)
    1. consumer-report (ISBN 3-936250-00-6)
    2. world-report (ISBN 3-936250-01-4)
    3. future-megatrends (ISBN 3-936250-27-8)
    4. future-report (ISBN 3-936250-03-0)
    5. trend-report (ISBN 3-936250-04-9)
    6. technology-teport (ISBN 3-936250-05-7)
    7. luxery-report (ISBN 3-936250-24-3)
    8. politics-report (ISBN 3-936250-07-3)
    9. trend-dictionary(ISBN 3-936250-14-6)
    10. future-dictionary (ISBN 3-936250-11-1)
    11. future-life (ISBN 3-936250-11-1)
    12. future-prophecy(ies) (ISBN 3-936250-26-X)

    double zero decade (2000-2020): "terror-zeitgeist, digital ages & new world age":

    2004 the silver year of technologies & politics
    2005 the red year of economy
    2006 “growing”: the blue year of golden consumers & consumption
    2007 “stagnating / bad”: the (yellow) golden year of the new Europe
    2008 “very good”: the green & roségolden year of Asia with the olympia Beijing
    2009 “worse”: the grey year of stock exchanges & world finance
    2010 “best”: the violet expo-year of the beginning global age & wealth
    2011 “bad”: the white year of religions
    2012 “better”: the orange moon-year of Olympic games London and Asian Union
    2013 “very bad”: the black year of robo sapiens & smart terror war
    2014 “better”: the purple year of digital life
    2015 “good”: the beige year of super-aged society
    2016 “growing”: the cyan year of fit-wellness, cloning & health
    2017 “right”: the turquoise year of the new Arab world
    2018 “growing”: the brown year of the new African Union
    2019 “push / bad”: the lila year of new super-power russia
    2020 “best of the beginning century”: the yellow year of super-nations china-japan alliance
    2021 “stagnating”: the neo-silver year of environment & catastrophes
    2022 “great”: the ultra-red mars-year of the extraterrestial one
    2023 "falling": the pink(y) year of E.T.


    2010 - "a good(y) year: capital fine - climate bad"

    the decade 2010-2020 runs: the Bio age starts -the Digi Age goes
    2010 is a good(y) year, where capital and finance trends go fine, but the climate in all terms is still bad; so economy is rising, but society in the same time dropping, business coming up and be excellent in export, on the other side many social things getting more problematic (lack of water,...), dramatic (new global viruses,...) and poor (people getting on one side again very rich or so poor,...) - so the extremes are ruling on our planet, in nature, environment and socio-cultural all it's running fast high and then deep down.
    the big trends for 2010 and megatrends to 2020:

    1. Bio-Eco boom
    2. Brain Capital-up
    3. Cina-Capitalisme
    4. Megatrend China
    5. Space-Ec(onom)y
    6. Super megatech's
    7. New world wonders
    8. Human-Global(ist)s
    9. Wind-uppers generation
      1(0). Bioness

    10. "bio-eco"(logy) is booming (green is the super trend in consumption and all industries for 10 years), the first full-bio eco(loy) megacities are 1. Dongtan (Chongqing / China) and 2. Masdar City (Abu Dhabi)
    11. Brain-capital is coming yp, and so bio-intelligence is the best creative capital to 2020, and in concurrence to virtual artifcial network power (internet III, robots,…), so people using brain software for better and longer concentration and taking lifestyle drugs to extend their brain performance
    12. Cina-capitalisme (centralized in no-direct government areas) like in China (Sino-capitalisme: "all-chinese culture" finance economy) and Russia (Сis- or СНГ-capitalisme: commonwealth of independent states) the "Asean 2010" model by allowing special regions (e.g. Shanghai, …) to act with full-hard capitalisme and in balance to a centralized political control (e.g. Beijing,...); so also Kyoto - Tokyo, Dresden - Berlin, Petersburg - Moscow, New York - Washington, San Fracsico - Los Angelos,... later 2015 in triangles (Berlin-Dresden-Leipzig, Hong Kong - Shenzhen Guangzhou,...)
    13. China is the super nation 2020 and so millions of Chuppies (chinese rich people society) and the "Asean 2010" (AFTA asian free tarde area) make the biggest market in the world
    14. one of the big-5 new technologies 2010-2020
    15. anti super tech's: levitation escalotors, anti-gravitation automobiles (caps, hyper cars), beaming stargates, fusion energy reacors & super-solar machines...
    16. the 7 new social to luxury wonders
    17. a new movement and lifestyle after the slow-food, animal protectors and green(peace)-products consumers are an anti- or hybrid religious world community who really are able to change the morality on the planet beside of aggression, war, money-making only, sexual to luxury obsession, consumption sins,…. and acting no-public not as alter(native)- or anti-globalizationers but as human-globalists, also with the quesion: what is the vision of the mankind and how long is human(ity) working and ruling?
    18. the falling down angels (good but dropped business managers, hard working but getting poor people,…) are coming again like the phoenix effect from ash to the new-next business sky; they learned not to give up and are the bio(ness)-yuppies with morality
      1(0). bioness (bio business) - 1. greenwashing. 2 greening, 3. green-up - is meta-macro how to save our earth by the way to realize terraforming and change to earth II and II, it's a big "planet rescue plan" and the future of all consumption industries to change all productions and products into bio-busines (1. greenwashing, 2. greening (make-it-greener, 3. green-up(per)'s,...); so first all is only a PR/press gag (green-washing), but then real bio brands are presented (not only placebos, copies or initates) and the green-up industry is the economy trend, that bio articles not anymore expensive and good bio famers are rewarded


    2009 slogan: "In one world all - in the next never" -
    you can be in one world or time less, in another be all!


    Great "Xing" (luck) will be the Bonmot for 2008! (Olympiad in China)

    (early) Marketing & Megatrends topics 2008:

    TRENDS 2009:;id=9359846;ar...

    This is the short summary out of our „Trend-Report" & "Trend-Dictionary" 2007. For questions & interviews you can contact at each time.

    "WORLD TRENDS" 2007

    Guidance trend

    2007 is the official year of the humanities ("threaten"), because the natural sciences "are preferred" over elite/point promotion), as well as year of the culture, religion, language, communication to love - this D-year guide tendance is increasingly world-wide taken over.

    What comes 2007?

    "world trends"

    2007 the "golden" is year of new Europe, is "white" (second)trend ***.
    Gold(en) is the hope glowing on 2008 (European football championship and Olympic Games in Peking), not as indication of a new wealth, however the world is shining bright in the Orient/Asia than been beautiful in the Okzident/ western world.

    2007 is an interim and less significant transition year to 2008, which becomes bombastic.

    Economics, stock exchanges/ finances and consumption
    are growing continuously like 2006, in Asia precipitousl rapidly, in Europe and America changeful. In "good" years beginning 2008 the moral & ethics is higher and/or then again better.

    moderately and ant-trendy, light extremely like in sports and in moderate luxury

    people are suitably to the economic situation expectations euphorical in Asia, in USA optimistical in the typical american-lifestyle and Europe critical to future fearful.

    still more directly and more intensively, however upper-laminar (fewer face to face); more virtual dates and organizer gadgets * The number of personal contacts privately like businesses is continuously increasing; there’re in the networks 50 constant and approx.. 500 loose-free connections; this number doubles itself until 2008. Video messages and/or holo-phoning becomes ever more popular and 3D video telephoning over mobile phone, laptop, console such as televisions wins also commercially at meaning; the fixed net loses against it.

    is again more experiment joyful; development of product placement, ad-in in games, iTV clips on mobile phone such as relaunch of reality soaps in a new way: still more hard-spectacular-largely.

    Hightech Higlights:
    1. mobile phone-tv, 2. mobiles & console games, 3. iTV like "contactless operating techniques"

    fine(st) structures/ornamentations and more sharp-edged in the forms, developing toward to the “building house” ‘Bauhaus’ style to 2008.

    Europe will will find further around Bulgaria and Romania more largely and to an European Union condition, in which ever more human beings than Europeans will feel; in this course Turkey from the concern child will develop to the hope carrier for Europe, elections in France, Japan and partly Russia.

    Topics: lucky plays; mystic, tradition, retro conservative and fundamentalism

    topics A. Fantasy (mystic, pirats) and B. Action (adventure, fun)
    1. Harry Potter and the order of the Phoenix (Fantasy)
    2. Pirates of the Caribbean 3 (pirat adventure)
    3. The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian (fantasy adventure);
    nice emergency trendy: Ocean 13

    minimalism and classically, moderately sexy; ‘glitter & glitzer’, glamour and jewel look (on mobile phone, clothes...)

    Lucky Shooters such as UT 2007 (unreal tournament)

    Trend capital:
    Tokyo, newcomer: Moscow, Shanghai and Macao; culture towns: Luxembourg and Hermannstadt (Sibiu, Romania)

    Focus country:
    Turkey for Europe again and Iraq, Israel, Iran

    Kate Hudson & Owen Wilson (Mr. Wedding Crasher), Lucy Liu and Paris Hilton (3rd year)

    Target groups:
    the Cosplayer generation celebrating, imitating to initiating all medium hyp(i)es; women continue to win in politics, media and management

    in the middle in the digital decade - until 2010 devices are still continued to equip with intelligent agents & assistants and improve their comfort achievements. The slogan is to be integrated less use (multimedia, functions...) than usefulnesses (killer applications, everyday life easements/ usability...) to create.

    Tourism: for Europeans: Bulgaria and Romania; worldwide: africa

    2007 are a preparing budget year.

    2008 the green like pink-golden year of Asia with the Olympia Peking Asia/China begins in 18. februray 07 the year of the animal circles of pig ("more thickly ' wealth) and 2008 year of the earth mouse/rat (intelligence to superiority snaps)

    This is the short summary out of our „Trend-Report" & "Trend-Dictionary" 2006. For questions & interviews you can contact at each time.

    ORACLES and TRENDS 2006: the grand challenge

    zero decade (2000-2010): "terror & digital ages"
    2006 year of golden consumers & consumption: blue

    2006 MONEY, LOVE & GAMES in the year of MOZART & Rembrandt - and the football WORLD champion-mastership CUP

    2006 will be a magnificent year for the stock markets and also see a rediscovery of the love for a pleasant life.

    After 5 “retro years”, 2006 will mark a first small booming year slowly increasing until 2010, especially in the entertainment industry, being one of the 5 growth industries, anywhere in between gambling, betting and TV-Cinema-Super-Shows. Media and advertising will become more digital, more attractive, entertaining, interactive and more readily perceived by consumers.

    Gigantic Mega-Events from the World Cup to Love-Game-Shows will accompany and define this year. New Casinos will appear all over the world: Sin Cities and Eldorados in the most remote areas.

    The fastest growing industries in 2006 will be: 1. Entertainment, 2. New Technologies, 3. Tourism, 4. Education, 5. Ecommerce/ new trade

    "Okzident versus Orient" - the war around the new world domination until 2020 ... begins 2006, starts 2008 officially as a global match.
    Premier votes in Japan will be positive for the connection between Japan and China and realize the friendly business partnership after decades of troubles - the start of the new Asean "ChinJap" as greatest market of the future world begins.
    Together with "ChinDia" (China India commercial market) the largest future area of the world develops with this “tri directorium” board. The triad USaMer (with Mercour, Mexico, South America with growth country BRIC Brazil) will compete strongly and between them EurRus (Europe + Russia) to EurAsia over Turkey... Okzident meets Orient.

    Target groups of the Next Economy will be the Generation-Parvenu: successful, stylistic, smart, future designed individuals stepping into the path of Yuppies and Chippies. They are fortune hunters of the New Wealth and Global Riches growing until 2012, known by everybody even though they try to stay out of publicity. They are elaborate and elegant globetrotters, charitable World Citizens somewhere in between a young and easy Brad Pitt and a life experienced George Clooney.

    Entertainment will further expand as the biggest industry world wide, marking the beginning of global internet gaming. This also shows in the Casino boom, where giant arenas, lotteries as well as gambling and other events create enormous profits. “Smart Las Vegas Cities” will pop up in reality and “virtuality” everywhere. Musis 2006 is extreme reggae-tech-hiprock.

    Discount no longer rules the markets but instead, luxury takes its place on top. There will be new small and large “Dubai lands” in form of resorts for the rich and beautiful. Also, many theme and event hotels will be created everywhere. Casino, beauty and health holidays will be the most important short trips and means of vacation in 2006.

    The James Bond movie “Casino Royale” therefore is the most important leading motive of the year, combining an espionage story, gigantic events, hi-tech show and the biggest dangers of the years to come, namely terrorism, energy crisis and wars over natural resources.

    2006 also still remains part of the age of the digital revolution. The Smartphone (ultimate mobile phone) as well as others geeks and gadgets will become all-round devices (ITV, PC and camcorder all in one) web 3.0 that will increasingly dominate work and leisure time as a digital “open Sesame – Aladdin’s lamp” wonder toy.

    2006 is in the middle of a technological decade, marked by Bio, Nano and Fusion energy as well as Artificial Intelligence and robot mega trends and new innovative revolutions.

    Dow Jones, Nikkei as well as the Dax will climb to new heights: stock markets will continue to grow and thus show the aging society their financial future: buying shares as a third pension next to gambling as the second pension.

    In the returning age of wealth, social awareness and help will increase and Golden Capitalism is seen as chic and desirable, also as a form of help for the third world.

    Sex/Love, Fun & Science sells: it is hip to be single, making new multicultural experiments and family models possible. Sciences are popular either as ways of finding some things or inventing others. They show us products of tomorrow that we already desire today.

    Fortune city of the year is Las Vegas. For fashion and games it is the “In quarter” of Harajuku in Tokyo and for shopping Shanghai. The lucky animal for 2006 is the seven spotted ladybird bug. Lucky actors will be old and new stars George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman (the “new” Julia Roberts and Lady Hollywood) on the one hand and Scarlett Johansson (Miss Hollywood and next Marilyn Monroe), Keira Knightley, Kate Winslet, Charlize Theron and Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom on the other hand. Johnny Depp and Scarlett Johansson will become the dream couple of 2006. Further VIPs of 2006 will be: Anna Netrobko (opera), Kofi Annan (UN), Angelina Jolie (World ambassador), Paris Hilton (trend scout/ trend setter), Christine Aguilera (xtina is mucis queen), Gwen Stefanie (new Madonna), Robbie Williams (sexy on tour). Lucky colours are royal blue and white and popular places and countries in 2006 are Mexico, Macao, Saalbach, Shanghai, Sidney, Rome, Barcelona and Chinatowns everywhere.

    Fashion & Style life are marked by Neo Baroque as influenced by Mozart in interior and clothing and a Rococo-Freak-Look in hair styling. Lavish and luxurious Glamour accessories; everything remains very colourful also including the pink nude look. The design of products will be the most important criteria for buying (TV, mobile phone, …)

    Love as a kind of gambling-dating-topic is No1 in lifestyle: flirts are more important than business; new boy and girl pop groups will appear next to old names such as the Backstreet Boys.

    Many new names and brands will be created, new companies will be founded, rising to stardom within 5 years following Google`s example. Crazy, extraordinary and lavish styles are “In” while shopping and buying something “special” is very fashionable: also, star god parenthood, booking flights to space… everything concerning love.

    The Cinema of 2006 will be marked by espionage thrillers. Top film highlights will include A. such films as 1. “Casino Royale”: Daniel Craig as the new James Bond, 2. “Mission Impossible 3”: Tom Cruise as Super-agent Ethan Hunter; 3. “Syriana”: George Clooney as CIA Agent, 4. “Aeon Flux”: Top agent Charlize Theron, B. animated films following comic book stories and further growth of animated productions until 2008: “Ice Age2” polar animals (penguins, polar bears and others) following summer Africa animals such as in Madagascar; C. Adventure and mystic films: “The Da Vinci Code”: Tom Hanks, “Pirates of the Caribbean 2”: Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, Keira Knightly; D. Science Fiction:”X-Men III” and Gothic Horror; “Scream 4”, whereas Asian horror films still remain cult films more so than American or Russian films; SF and Fantasy will become more important again 2007

    Rembrandt is the main, Rubens the follower painting artist of the year and Nikolaus Harnoncourt the best Mozart interpretator, using original instruments. Ibsen-year 2006 with the 100 annual anniversary of the dramatist Henrik Ibsen.

    Knowledge will become increasingly virtual: digital books (google press and Amazon) and more audio books; Wikipedia will become the new star at the stock markets. Religion will become more spiritual; forms of Middle age superstition, altars and sects also will become more popular again.

    Beside the world greatest science annual meeting AAAS from 16.2. -20.2.06 in St. Louis, (Missouri) is the ESOF 15.-17(21).july. in Europe/Munich this summer a very important science forum:

    Technology: Artificial meat, blood and cloned organs (heart, lungs, …); Hype: Playstation3 and Xbox 360. Space travel will become realistic and affordable.

    2006 is the "year of the nature parks"

    Pandemy of the world viruses growing till peak 2008

    Panocracy will grow: after Blogs & Open Communities (linkedin, open BC) increasing Internet democracy and U2C (user created content world).

    Last but not least: The world population will grow faster than anticipated. The fat years coming…


    大趨勢 2006 年- 2022 年
    2000-2010 為恐怖主義的時代精神, 電子數位化的新時代-

    2004 以科技發展與政治為主題的銀色年
    2005 以經濟為主題的紅色年

    2006 以消費與經濟繁榮為主題的藍色年
    2007 以新歐洲為主題的金色年
    2008 以北京奧運為主題的綠色年
    2009 以股市與世界財政為主題的灰色年
    2010 以經濟奇蹟, 萬國博覽會為主題的紫羅蘭色年

    2011 以宗教為主題的白色年
    2012 以倫敦奧運會為主題的橘色月亮年
    2013 以恐怖主義,戰爭和機器人為主題的黑色年
    2014 以數位科技生活的主題的粉紅色年
    2015 以高齡化社會為主題的米色年

    2016 以休閒運動, 基因複製和健康為主題的磁鐵色年
    2017 以新阿拉伯世界為主題的土耳其藍色年
    2018 以新非洲聯盟為主題的褐色年
    2019 以俄羅斯為世界強權作主題的紫色年
    2020 以世界強國中國-日本結盟為主題的黃色年

    2021 以環保和災害為主題的新銀色年
    2022 以外星球為主題的 超紅色火星年

    您好, 本人任羅曼為國際未來研究與趨勢研究專家, 主要研究的領域在產業, 經濟,社會與政治的趨勢分析, 希望能有這份榮幸認識您, 成為您的朋友, 以及知道更多關於您的工作和對於未來的想法, 並期望未來能有進一步機會與您進行合作與交流. 在此我誠摯邀請您至我的網站獲得有關2007-2008年大趨勢的訊息, 例如奧林匹克運動會和未來研究。 也歡迎您加入我的社區論壇 請介紹您自己, 以及您的工作, 新點子, 新想法, 或是新的消費產品等.

    趋向2006 年

    这是摘要在我们的"趋向报告" & "趋向字典" 2006 年外面。为问题& 采访您能接触在每次。 神谕和趋向2006 年: 盛大挑战 零的十年(2000-2010): "恐怖& 数字时代"

    2006 年金黄消费者& 消耗量: 蓝色 2006 年金钱、爱& 比赛在该年MOZART & Rembrandt, Rubens - 和橄榄球世界冠军精通杯子 "Gongxi facai" ("变得富有如果您能"!) 并且"Wang Wang Wang" (开花的奢侈地并且繁荣w(h)ow-whau)

    2006 将是一壮观的年为股市和也将看见爱的再发现宜人的生活。教会叫年或真正- 不w(e)ar 爱, 力量不虐待神的地方。 在亚洲和spezial 中国从29.1. 开始了动物标志地球(手段房地产景气)"红色火狗的" 年(唯一热的浩劫的危险...), 并且这将是一硕大婚礼年, 因为2005 年是寡妇不幸公鸡年。佩带红色比以前时髦和幸运的数字幸运的数量的"8" - Guanxi & Gam 事务象私下Hongbao 。 联合国宣称2005-2015 当国际歌十年"水- 源泉的生活" 和2006 年speziell 作为"国际年沙漠和沙漠生长" 。德累斯顿是世界科学城市2006 年, 有800 年周年纪念和再Semper 歌剧球作为垂饰到维也纳。Patras (希腊) 是正式年的文化主要资本。 在5 以后"retro 年", 2006 将标记一第一小兴旺的年慢慢地增加直到2010 年, 特别是在娱乐业, 是5 发展中的产业的当中一个, 任何地方在赌博之间, 打赌和电视戏院超级显示。媒介和做广告将变得更加数字式, 更加有吸引力, 招待, 交互式和由消费者欣然察觉。 硕大兆事件从世界杯对爱游戏显示今年将伴随和将定义。新赌博娱乐场将出现全世界: 罪孽城市和Eldorados 在偏远地区。 最迅速发展的产业在2006 将是: 1. 娱乐, 2 。新技术, 3 。旅游业, 4 。教育, 5 。Ecommerce/ 新贸易 下经济的目标群将是世代Parvenu: 成功, 文体, 聪明, 未来设计了个体跨步入雅痞和Chippies 道路。他们是新财富和全球性Riches 的时运猎人生长直到2012 年, 由大家知道即使他们设法出去宣传。他们是精心制作和典雅的globetrotters, 慈善世界公民某处在一个年轻和容易的曲头钉Pitt 和生活有经验的乔治・Clooney 之间。 娱乐进一步将扩展作为最大的产业全世界, 标记全球性互联网赌博起点。这并且显示在赌博娱乐场景气, 巨型竞技场, 抽奖并且赌博的和其他事件创造极大的赢利。"聪明的拉斯维加斯市" 将突然出现实际上和"virtuality" 到处。音乐2006 年是极端雷鬼摇摆乐技术hiprock 。 打折不再统治市场但是反而, 豪华作为它的地方在上面。有新小并且大"迪拜登陆" 以手段的形式为富有和美丽。并且, 许多题材和事件旅馆将被创造得到处。赌博娱乐场、2006 年秀丽和健康假日将是假期最重要的短的旅行和手段。 詹姆士・邦德电影"赌博娱乐场Royale" 是因此年的最重要的主导的动机, 结合间谍活动故事、硕大事件、hi-tech 展示和未来, 即恐怖主义、能源危机和战争自然资源的最大的危险。 2006 仍然并且保留一部分的数字式革命的年龄。Smartphone (最后流动电话) 并且其他人怪杰和小配件将成为越来越将控制工作和业余时间作为一个数字式"开放芝麻- Aladdin 的灯" 奇迹玩具的全能设备(ITV 、个人计算机和摄象机全部在一个) 。 2006 年在在一个技术十年中间, 由Bio 、Nano 和融合能量标记并且人工智能和机器人兆趋向和新创新革命。 道琼, Nikkei 并且Dax 将上升对新高度: 股市将继续增长和因而显示老化社会他们的金融前景: 买的份额作为第三笔退休金在赌博作为第二笔退休金旁边。 在财富的返回的年龄, 社会了悟和帮助将增加并且金黄资本主义并且作为帮助的形式是被看见的一样chic 和中意的, 为第三世界。 Sex/Love 、乐趣& 科学出售: 它是hip 是唯一, 做新多文化实验和家庭模型可能。科学是普遍或作为方式发现一些事或发明其他人。他们显示我们我们今天已经渴望明天的产品。 年时运城市是拉斯维加斯。为时尚和比赛它是"在处所" Harajuku 在东京和为购物上海。幸运的动物在2006 年是七被察觉的ladybird 臭虫。幸运演员将是老和新星汤姆一束& 汤姆巡航, 乔治・Clooney, 曲头钉Pitt 、尼科尔・Kidman ("新" Julia 罗伯特和好莱坞夫人) 一方面和Scarlett Johansson (Marilyn 门罗小姐好莱坞和下), Keira Knightley, Kate Winslet, Charlize Theron 和约翰尼・Depp 和奥兰多绽放另一方面。约翰尼・Depp 和Scarlett Johansson 将成为梦想夫妇2006 年。进一步VIPs 2006 将是: 安娜Netrobko (歌剧), Kofi Annan (联合国), Angelina Jolie (世界巴黎Hilton (趋向侦察员趋向安装员), Gwen Stefanie (新Madonna) 大使), 。幸运的颜色是皇家蓝色并且白色和普遍的地方和国家在2006 是墨西哥、Saalbach 、Sidney 、罗马、巴塞罗那和Chinatowns 到处。 时尚& 样式生活由Neo Baroque 象由Mozart 影响在内部和衣物里和洛可可式反常看标记在发型。挥霍和豪华魅力辅助部件; 一切并且保留非常五颜六色包括桃红色裸体神色。产品设计将是最重要的标准为买(电视, 流动电话...) 爱作为一赌博约会题目是No1 在生活方式: 比事务挥动重要; 新男孩和女孩流行音乐小组将出现在老名字旁边譬如Backstreet 男孩。 许多新名字和品牌将被创造, 新公司将建立, 上升到stardom 在5 年之内跟随Google`s 例子。疯狂, 非凡和豪华样式是"在" 当购物和买"特别" 事是非常时兴的: 还, 星神父母身分, 预定的飞行到空间... 一切关于爱。 戏院2006 将由间谍活动恐怖标记。顶面影片聚焦将包括A. 如此影片象1 。"赌博娱乐场Royale": 丹尼尔・Craig 作为新詹姆士・邦德, 2 。"使命不可能3": 汤姆巡航作为超级代理Ethan 猎人; 3. "Syriana": 乔治・Clooney 当中央情报局特工, 4 。"Aeon 涨潮": 顶面代理Charlize Theron, B. 给影片赋予生命跟随漫画书故事和生气蓬勃的生产进一步成长直到2008 年: "冰Age2" 极性动物(企鹅, 北极熊和其他人) 跟随夏天非洲动物譬如在马达加斯加; C. 冒险和神秘主义者影片: "Da Vinci 代码": 汤姆一束, "海盗加勒比2": 约翰尼・Depp, 奥兰多绽放, Keira Knightly; D. 科学Fiction:"X 人III" 和哥特式恐怖; "尖叫4", 但是亚洲恐怖片仍然保留崇拜影片如此比美国或俄国影片; SF 和幻想再将成为更加重要2007 年 Rembrandt 是扼要、Rubens 年的追随者绘画艺术家和Nikolaus Harnoncourt 最佳的Mozart interpretator, 使用原始的仪器。Ibsen 年2006 年以剧作家Henrik Ibsen 的100 本年鉴周年纪念。 知识将变得越来越真正: 数字式书(google 新闻和亚马孙) 并且更加音像的书; Wikipedia 将成为新星在股市上。宗教将变得更加精神; 中间年龄迷信、法坛和派别的形式再还将变得更加普遍。 在世界最巨大的科学年会旁边AAAS 从16.2 。-20.2.06 在圣路易斯, (密苏里) 是ESOF 15.-17(21).july 。在Europe/Munich 这个夏天一个非常重要科学论坛: 。 技术: 人为肉、血液和被克隆的器官(心脏, 肺...); 炒作: Playstation3 和Xbox 360 。太空旅行将变得现实和付得起。 年的动物& 植物: nuthatch [ 鸟] 被威胁]; 欧洲螃蟹蜘蛛(以chamaeleon 作用) [ 昆虫]; (真正) thymian (胸腺vulgaris) [ medicine/welfare 植物]: 抗菌, 消化促进, pain/wound 满意 世界病毒生长的Pandemie 耕种峰顶2008 年 Panocracy 将增长: 在Blogs & 开放公共(之后linkedin, BC 打开) 增长的互联网民主和U2C (用户被创造的美满的世界) 。 最后但不是最不重要的: 世界人口快速地将增长比被期望。 肥胖岁月来...

    您好, 本人為國際未來研究與趨勢研究專家, 主要研究的領域在產業, 經濟,社會與政治的趨勢分析, 希望能有這份榮幸認識您, 成為您的朋友,以及知道更多關於您的工作和對於未來的想法, 並期望未來能有進一步機會與您進行合作與交流. 在此我誠摯邀請您至我的網站獲得有關2007-2008年大趨勢的訊息, 例如奧林匹克運動會和未來研究。 也歡迎您加入我的社區論壇 請介紹您自己,以及您的工作,新點子,新想法,或是新的消費產品等. 謝謝! 好未來!


    In Europe we have changing good and bad every 5 years, USAmerica 3-4 years and in Asia every 2 years. In China is 2005 the year of the vainly cock - running to hot markets. What is good in Asia - is not in Europa and reverse the desaster of Asia is the market of USA. 2006 the econmy of Europe is growing till new wealth 2010.

    2005 is uncalm also as very polarized; a classical RE-year between retro, replicas, relaunches, repros, neo-romantic in art and lifestyle. The western society is balancing in a cool social climate and searching ‘warm’ well-being consumption and feel-good tv. Parties have the slogan “charity”, not “fun”,… The economy is growing slow, beginning with good share indics in entertaiment then hard technology; tourism is waiting and industries like pharma / health, finance services, insurance, banks decreasing. Nature & Culture are still making problems and government indeptedness braking the 2 smart business peaks in spring and autumn..

    WoMen looking for low-educated men, because good-situated are rare; but when they push them up, they degrate this chance themselves down by escapades. This is typical down-shifting and –sizing of many ethno till social groups. The dividing as discounting and luxusing takes now part in the society itself, forming new hierarchy classes. The people are further egocentric, but integrated in closed-communities and open- friendship networks worldwide. You’re best friends aren’t living in the same city as you. Then people are mind-opened but physically limited by. So the countries open more in reality their frontiers, but also build up more virtual obstacles.

    Trend is multi-option and choice-democracy, but the real trend isn’t mainstream, but anti-trend. Only 10% percent the industries are able to set trends, the others 70% made by trendscouts and 20% by trendsetters. Many trendsetters are opinionleader also as early-adopters of trendscouts and have good connections to them. The trend must be at the same time and simultaneously very cheap, individually, entertaining, variedly, comfortably-conveniance.

    Electronic gadgets like digicam, lcd-tv, dvd-recorder, smartphones, foto-handies, video-and IP-telephony increasing…for example and e-auctions and e-commce will still grow. The consumers learn to make rabatt haggling.
    The entertainment industry is very strong, and the game makers till online-casinos are in the booming center. The people have more leisure time, mostly involuntarily, so they play more in future on one side and take part in exchange groups, social engagement or self-organized working.

    1. Re & Retro: 2005 is again as the last 4 years a complete retro year and waiting for he world championship and the economic boom 2006; only the stock exchanges and shares beginning to boom and show the direction to the golden years 2006 till 2010. The "Chinoisation" bringing many Chippies (Chinese tourist) as good to us – the market is now totally open and the china wave is beginning to run as a Tsunami over Europe.

    2. the western society and Europe specially changing from the eduction elite to the taste pretty bourgeois middle class – only thinking, that is chic & modern and how to get as many social till beauty coupons; people in Europe getting more silly, fat, less and elder.

    3. Events & Culture: EXPO Aicho 2005 Japan (with the new robot generation: "robo(to)lution") and the culture countryl of the year is Ireland (Cork – culture main capital 2005 ) & United Kingdom & spezial (north/south) Korea. Reggae muxis is hip-in.

    4. Tourism & holydays: extreme vacantions like hard-camping á la Dschungle, prison isles are in,... crusades (with sculpa diving & disco single-matching) and East-Europe (as cheapy trendyland): -> soft tourismolution

    5. Game & Fun: (Lucky-) dragons (lungs) & Goleo: go leo, goal, Goliath...ET'Alf IV is 'calm' star and a symbol for economic growness at the end of 2005 and beginning 2006. New religions and light spiritualims are gaining more believing ‘consumers’. "Gaming" is more and more popular from Macao till Las Vegas in many smart and online casinos -> "Gamolution". iTV and videophonie starting global game shows.

    6. TV & Movie: telenovelas á la Bollywood and retro-Myst & Fantasy (Harry Potter, King Kong, ...) - 2005 is also a great science-fiction year (Star Wars Episode III, War of the Worlds, Robots, Per Scout through the galaxy,...)

    7. Colors & Fashion: classic colors are white, still yellow-gold and again neo-red-pinky - additiv(e) Grundfarbe: fine-nut beige and trend colors are the 1. half-year orange-red (goldy), 2. half-year: sky-blue (not mountain blue); Vintage-Look (70er,...)

    8. Science & Poet: after the tech science year before now the physic and poet science year of the pop-scientist Albert Einstein, Jules Verne & good-lyricist Friedrich Schiller

    9. Life & Nature: brown bear – animal of the year 2005, Bubo buboi (bird'05), steed chestnut (tree'05), great rattlingpot (flower'05), weatherstar (mushroom'05); Hummel (harmless not beating, black-haired and orange-red back) as insect(oid)’05

    10. People & Stars: Jolie & Pitt, Putin & Jintao

    11. Politics & Ethic: prime minister Tony Blair winning the elections (2.5.) 2005 and chancellor Gerhard Schröder autumn 2005; Nicolas Sarkozy 2007 in France for president. That „Tridirectorium“ is beginning then to work 2007 in Europe. Spain, Italy, Polia and also the new member Tukey is loosing power and importance. EU-Russia will be again world-power state in the way of 'soft' revolution. Directive dirigated democracy the interim model to the centralism of the United Europe 2010-2020. Berlin will be nominated as the future European capital to 2015-2018.

    12. China is the new empire & commcerce power 2020, but America stills remains the world police & space imperialism. Traditional structures in politics till eduction work more effective & efficient in the founder countries as in the copy continents – it’s like in the product consumer world.



    Future-Institute international / ZukunftsInstitut & Trend-Institute was founded 1920, worldwide since 1988. New York; Rio; London;Paris;Berlin; Moscow; Vienna; Zurich; Tokyo; Hongkong; Shanghai

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